Live Streaming vs Podcasting

So much has been said about podcasting, there isn’t much more that we can say here. The important thing, from our perspective, is that a podcast allows you to listen to the radio when you want to and how you want. We started our live streaming in June and it’s gone very well, thanks to your support. While we were doing the live shows, we added value with the videos on Facebook and also some pre-recorded inserts. We posted these “podcasts” on our podcast page and they have had a big response, far outnumbering the amount of listens the live show is getting.

I love waking up at 5:30 and putting on a radio show that I have always wanted to listen to. I get to play my music, make my jokes and hopefully, this is what you would like to hear. Our marketing budget has been tiny and we have only really spent any money on Facebook advertising. Even then, a tiny amount.

So what is the plan?

From September, we will be doing many more podcasts. Lawyers, estate agents, life coaches, marketers, arts and crafts. You name it, there will be a podcast for you. The most important thing is that we will STILL be Fairland Radio. Bringing you the news and views of the neighbourhood. I am sick and tired of hearing about the south, the east, the north and other parts of the country. I want to hear what is happening in my ‘hood and we will continue this tradition that we started three months ago.

There will still be music, but it will be slightly different. There will still be Jon, but I will be available 24 hours a day, for you to listen to when you want, not when I want to be on the radio.

We do hope that you continue to support Fairland Radio and it continues to grow as it has done.

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