Super Dads – Irene Dairy Farm, why their milk process is useful for attending to dairy-related allergies and helping young children with their growth spurts

Since you have been following my SuperDads adventures on FB and Instagram, I finally had a chance to sit down and discuss some of those interesting posts. To catch you up, Pharma Dynamics [ FB ] contracted me to give CPD talks to GPs across the country at their symposiums. The focus of the talks is in the realm of my research in sub-molecular medicine and biophysics elaborating on the non-linear effects artificial light and nnEMF has on health and performance.

One of our recent talks were held at the Irene Dairy Farm [ FB ]. Getting there, you may have checked out the photos and videos of Pebble, River (our son) and me travelling through the airport on our super durable and lightweight Samsonite luggage [ FB ]. Usually, for Pebble, I like to cook food for her and give her leftovers, however, with all this flying we were using Field and Forest [ FB ] by Montego. A grain-free food along with their fun biscuit treats. River loved them too. However, driving around would not have been possible if it were not for the friendly assistance of Bidvest car rental [ FB ]. It was helpful getting a safe car that could safely have both River and Pebble in seat belts, securely fastened.

One of the interesting speakers I interacted with at the Pharma Dynamics [ FB ] symposium was Prof, Mike Levin. He is starting a new study looking at wild cows drawn milk and how it has a different non-allergy response to persons with dairy allergies. Mike is looking at the bacterial difference however, I was trying to educate him to rather look at the biophysics and DHA content instead. The bacteria would produce by ELF UV light, and the increased DHA found would increase one’s REDOX potential. In easy speak terms, it helps increase your cell’s ford fiesta engine into a Ferrari engine, resulting in the anti-inflammatory effect to an allergen in irritant.

Lastly, let’s not forget that children naturally do not like vegetables but crave fats and proteins to help their brains myelinate and grow as fast as possible into an adult. Irene Milk is raw and unpasteurized. It is so amazing that every time I fly back from Gauteng I ensure I come back with 10-20 litres of their frozen milk. When you get to experience how your coffee tastes different and how your young children have a favourable growth spurt, it’s not hard to understand why I go through the extra effort of bringing back their elixir. I know it may sound crazy but thanks to having all the extra available weight for my flight being made possible because I travel using Samsonite luggage [ FB ]. Ultra lightweight in being kilos lighter than the rest.


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