Super Dads – Why a wool blanket is ideal for our newborn daughter Winter – Blankets from Africa – prize giveaway

Blankets from Africa [ FB ], from harsh environments, can come beautiful things. A vast semi-desert known as the Karoo, a land of stark beauty, natural light and darkness enabling an intuitive touch and connection to the electric and magnetic fields of nature.

Why is lamb amazing, apart from it’s consumption of being the second richest source of DHA (Omega 3 life source for our semiconductors), part from seafood, the wool holds an additional photon barcode relationship to the Sun. This is part why the fabric is such a great material at helping entrap infrared light emitted from our bodies while allowing it to breath.

Listen to the show and submit your answer to for a Blankets from Africa prize hamper. Patreon members, get an additional two entries, plus access to loads of specials and special elaborations into the science [ ].


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