SuperDads – Why Have Your Car Seat Fitted at Kids Emporium?

Neal from Kids Emporium, Durbanville, Cape Town, shares with us the importance on getting their assistance on fitting a car seat for your car. Believe me, with baby number 3, I wish I engaged in this service on baby number 1. It can be such a hassle trying to install a car seat for the first, second, third etc… time, plus no two seats are the same and the associated complications with each car type.

I also discuss a great idea of having a competition giveaway involving a lineup of parents having to rush from the starting line and compete on who can install the different car seats into the different cars the fastest. Something I quickly had to learn in travelling with my wife with Uber where you are being billed by the minute, plus the added distraction of two children, a service dog, and then person’s around you vying for your attention or a thief looking for an opportune moment.

Kids Emporium is also offering R500 off their selective car seat models.

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