SuperDads – Bill Lee and the TriField 2 EMF meter – Prize Giveaway

Today we have a great prize giveaway episode thanks to Trifield [ ] with their newer digital version.

In this episode one lucky listener will win:
1 x Trifield TF2 – measures electric, magnetic, and wireless fields.
1 x Power Line / Dirty Electricity Meter – used to help measure the voltage transients in your home.

Listen to the show, hear the question and post your answer on the SuperDads FB page comments section for this episode and you could be the lucky winner.

In case you don’t win these units are available for rent with EMFSA [ ]. I am a HUGE fan of the dirty electricity meter. You would be surprised at how addressing your dirty electricity can make a noticeable difference.

EMFSA also sells great dirty electricity filters. Once you have made a reading they will advise how many you would need. They are definitely a worthwhile investment.

In case you are overseas Bill from Trifield recommended a mains outlet strip with the capacitor built-in, This has RFI & EMI reduction and is intended for use with high-end audio equipment.:–furman-ss-6b-6-outlet-power-strip

Another is the eDragon Surge Protector ED70340

Don’t forget, in your home one of your best mitigation options is the installation of an EMF Kill switch, check out what one does in the video link
[ ]

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