Justin Strahan

Red light therapy / cold laser /low-level light therapy (LLLT). An amazing miracle marvel. Today I interview Justin Strahan of JooVV, the famous red light therapy to shine on your balls to boost your testosterone by 3 x times, among other things.

Here are some geeky fund science facts. Low oxygen = CVA = stress = more glucose = glycolysis/PPP = red light.

The sun provides 42% of red light……..so this implies CVA’s are related to a chronic lake of sunlight at a core level.

So what happens when human quantum physicians add LLLT/PBM back to their patients with diseases linked to a poor solar exposure that encompass mitochondrial dysfunction?

They improve.

If you have a brain injury or metabolic brain disease, pay attention. “These findings suggest that low-intensity NIR can protect neurons against oxygenglucose

JooVV video: https://youtu.be/iOmWIDeOCMs

We also discuss the science of grounding: the sun is a cathode ray who’s light hit earth which acts as the anode. Since it is the third anode from the sun this sets up its harmonic that determines basic morphogenetic process via photoacoustic cymatics. When a cathode ray hits an anode free electrons are liberated from the anode. This is why humans have sweat glands on their hands and feet. The human breast is also a modified human sweat gland for electron transfer between mother and infants mitochondria. Those free electrons are liberated according to the sunlight barcode Fraunhofer lines which vary. This is how light is used photoelectrically and photoacoustically to power life give it information to organize cells and to drive body plan to build out via cymatics by changing the light to sound wave which can be controlled magnetically by the Earth magnetic field. You must hire experts who know the basics of how life organizes to maintain health.

Amazingstuff in this episode and you will love it. Feel free to check outthe Joov at http://lddy.no/5zef

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