Super Dads – Richard Hansler

Richard Hansler is a retired biophysicist, and SuperDad of Four children: James, Mark, Stephen, Susan (Thomsen), and 10 grandchildren.

In today’s episode, we talk about blue-light and blue light blocking technologies. These effective technologies are purchasable at . It worthwhile checking out his many books, all informative and practical help to any parent out there.

Interestingly, the American Medical Association (AMA)  adopted Guidance to Reduce Harm from High-Intensity Street Lights, because of the scientific evidence and associated harm with this nnEMF.

Richard Hansler’s brief bio

1996 – 2016

Director, Lighting Innovations Institute- John Carroll University, President of Lighting Innovations LLC. Developed lighting systems for a large range of customers including GE, Luminations, Fiberstars, STERIS, Mitsubishi, Ford, GM, NASA, Siemens. The largest contract was with the FAA to develop LED lighting to replace incandescent lamps in airport runway approach lighting. Recent work with LEDs include developing airfield lighting devices for Siemens Airfield Solutions. Recent research concentrates on improving health by controlling light.  He developed glasses and light bulbs that block the blue light that suppresses melatonin, a sleep-promoting and cancer-fighting hormone. He is the author of the book “Great Sleep! Reduced Cancer!” and of “Prepare to bail out!” an account of WWII experience behind enemy lines. His most recent book is “Heroes of cancer prevention research”.

Continued as President of Lighting Innovations LLC. We developed special infrared runway edge lights visible to pilots on aircraft with infrared cameras for the FAA. Continued doing research and writing books about the effect of blue light on sleep and health including “Pregnant? New Baby? Need Sleep!”  Avoid Alzheimer’s Disease”, “Light: The Silent Killer”, “Another Weight Loss Gimmick? Maybe Not!, ”Bipolar Disorder(s), “Avoiding Autism” 

Dr. Richard Hansler is the lead John Carroll University researcher in the development and uses for the blue-blocking glasses. He is one of the principal owners of a company that makes these new products available via the website: Dr. Hansler

Major uses of the blue-blocking glasses include:

Providing Better Sleep

Avoiding Postpartum Depression

Preventing Seasonal Affective Disorder

Reducing the Risk of Cancer

Military Service:

1943 – 45 2ND Lt. Army Air Force.  Flew 25 missions as Navigator on B17 “Flying Fortress”  Shot down over Poland. Fought with Polish underground.

1942-1943 University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Physics Major

1945-46 Capital University Physics Major

1946-48 University of Chicago BS Physics

1948 52 Ohio State University Ph.D. Physics Thesis topic: Far Infrared Spectroscopy

Work Experience:

1952 – 1996:   Research Scientist for GE Lighting.

Dr. Hansler did research in support of almost every type of lamp made by GE. He not only worked on the lamps but on the equipment used to manufacture and test them. He developed the use of lasers for process control and manufacturing. He holds more than 75 patents.



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