Super Dads – Brian Stein

This episode is different from the previous.

In this episode I have a further discussion into my guest, dissecting the causes and linked issues to his intolerance to non-native electromagnetic fields. What makes this episode interesting is that my guest Brian Stein has EHS (electro-hypersensitivity). Now retired, but he ran a billion Rand company with his EHS, also by making some modifications to his environment and scheduling. 

Brian’s Profile

Following a very successful early career in Food Manufacturing / Production Management, developed into broader Commercial and General Management culminating as Chief Executive of the UK’s leading progressive chilled prepared foods manufacturer.

Renowned for his successful employee, organisational and customer development skills and is synonymous with high-quality product manufacturing and ethical standards.

Successfully demonstrated how a focused, decentralised but with strong selective centralised guidance approach to business development together with a constant quest for innovation has by far been the most successful route to sustained business growth in the chilled prepared food sector.

Samworth Brothers

Chief Executive (1995-2012)

Retired April 2012

£800m t/o 7500 employee branded (Ginsters, Dickinson & Morris, Walker & Son) and own label chilled prepared food manufacturer (savoury pastry, ready meals, sandwiches, salads, desserts, cooked meat and sausages), supplying all the major multiples, M&S and Waitrose as well as the convenience, impulse and travel sectors through the Ginsters Brand. The Samworth Brothers Group is split into 13 subsidiary largely autonomous businesses recognising product and customer focus.

Initially worked with Sir David Samworth, the then CEO, and took over as CEO in 2000. A member of the Executive Board with a Group Financial Director, two Operational Executive Directors and 13 subsidiary MDs reporting directly and indirectly.  Each subsidiary MD has a team made up of Sales, Production and Finance Directors together with other senior management in Technical, Personnel and Purchasing.

Since 1995 the business has grown from £100m t/o to £800m primarily through organic growth with seven new businesses being established as well as major investment in all existing businesses.  Profitability throughout this period has largely been at the highest in the UK chilled prepared food sector.


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