Dressing for a Night at the Casino

Dressing up for a night at the casino is an art and not everybody is good at it. Most casinos usually have a dress code and hence will now allow visitors to enter if they are not dressed appropriately. Visitors will have to stick to the casino’s dress code while simultaneously trying to make a fashion statement. Even if they are visiting the casino just to order a cocktail and relax and do not intend to hit the gaming floor, they still need to dress appropriately.

Before visiting a casino, players have to study its dress code. While many casinos do not prescribe dress codes, many certainly do and here are a few interesting examples.

  • The Bellagio doesn’t have a dress code for its general casino gaming floor but has one for its exclusive nightclub. According to the casino’s official website, male players are expected to wear a sports coat and/or a collared shirt and nice shoes. They should avoid all varieties of sportswear, including sports shoes, jerseys, and hats. The casino doesn’t have any dress code for women but expects them to wear formal, non-revealing clothes.
  • Sandals and flip-flops are not permitted on the gaming floor of ARIA Casino. If players want to fine dine at the ARIA, they must wear a coat without a tie. Players usually visit the ARIA in formal business attire.
  • Many of the restaurants in the Borgata do not permit guests to wear sneakers and jeans. Players who want to visit the Borgata for a few games and a good meal should be dressed in formal or casual business clothes.
  • Players who plan to play at Casino Monte Carlo should not arrive in flip-flops and shorts. They will be let in if they wear a button-down shirt with jeans and sneakers, but sports shoes are not allowed in the VIP rooms.
  • The Venetian Macao does not accept shorts, flip-flops, and sneakers.

We recommend that players develop a fashion sense before visiting a casino for the first time. After all, one does not want to be turned out just for something one is wearing. Players’ next step would be to study the following major styles of dressing up for a night at the casino.

Dressing for Glamour: Las Vegas Casinos are known for their glitz and glamour, so players might like to wear something that shines and glitter if they are planning to spend a night at a casino in Las Vegas.

Women can wear sequined gold, red, black, or silver dresses or dressy black pants with heels and sparkling accessories. They can walk into the casino with an evening clutch made of shimmering or metallic fabric. Men can wear dark dressy trousers, button-down shirts, dress socks, and some jewellery so that they look smart without attracting too much attention.

Dressing for Sophistication: Players can visit the casino dressed in casual or formal business clothes. This should be convenient if they are on a business trip and want to play some casino games when they are free. Women can wear dressy tops with pencil skirts or dark trousers, dressy heels, choker necklaces, and colourful earrings. Men can wear dark trousers with button-down shirts and dark dress shoes. Simply put, anything that can be worn to the office can be worn to the casino too.

Dressing Innovatively: All casinos do not accept the innovative style of dressing, but players can make some bold fashion statements in some Atlantic City or Las Vegas casinos. Female players can visit the casino dressed like a dancer with feathers in their hats and a boa around their necks, high heels, and dramatic makeup. Men rarely arrive at a casino dressed like this, but those who are determined can try some tight-fitting leather pants in the Chippendale style with the rest of their outfit matching the pants.

Dressing for Comfort: Many players don’t want to bother about their dress. All they want is to relax and be comfortable. These players have to find a casino that doesn’t care for dress codes and allows their guests to wear whatever they like. At such a casino, women can wear denim jackets, wedge sandals, and ballet flats while avoiding clothes that are too revealing. Men can wear khakis with button-down striped or solid coloured shirts and loafers with matching shoes.

Classic attire not seen much anymore

Casino Dressing Tips for Beginners

The good news for players who do not have a good sense of fashion is that modern casinos have dress codes only for their VIP sections and certain restaurants and don’t really care what guests wear to the general gambling floors. They will never turn away players who are actually spending money on the games.

As long as players follow these simple steps, they will never be inappropriately dressed at any casino.

  1. Wear Comfortable Clothes: Most of the casinos around the world simply want their guests to arrive in casual clothes. So players can just wear something comfortable. If they plan to carry pencils, notebooks, rulebooks, and strategy guides, they can wear something with large pockets. They can also carry a jacket, a sweater, or a coat to the casino in case it gets too cold.

While dressing for comfort, players should avoid wearing revealing clothes, clothes that conceal their appearance, and clothes bearing slogans and images that can be considered offensive. They should also make sure that the clothes are well-laundered and pressed.

  1. Wear Casual Clothes: If you want to wear casual clothes to the casino, you should first check out the casino’s dress code. VIP sections usually require players to wear a particular kind of clothes. Players should also pay special attention to their shoes as casinos generally do not like open shoes, sandals, or flip-flops. Players who prefer not to wear socks can just wear boat shoes or loafers.
  2. Dress Nicely after 6:00 p.m.: Wearing nicer clothes in the evening is part of the casino gaming tradition. If you are a man, wear button-down shirts instead of t-shirts. If you are a woman, wear a sweater that matches your cocktail dress. Wear nice accessories and shoes.

High rollers or VIP players who spend, lose, and win extraordinarily large amounts of money at a casino don’t have to bother about dress codes. This is because casinos don’t care what their VIP players wear as long as they continue to spend big money and don’t play in the nude.

However, low-stakes players and recreational players will have to stick to the dress code or at least follow the tips mentioned above. As long as they pay some attention to their dress, accessories, and shoes, they can walk into any casino around the world, including the glittering casinos of Macau and Las Vegas, with confidence.

On the other hand, players who hate dressing up for casinos can consider the option of playing at an online casino. Online casinos allow players to play from the comforts of home, comfortably dressed in pyjamas, and sipping a cup of coffee. Online casino players can claim exciting bonuses, take part in promotions, play the games for fun or real money, and win some really large jackpots from the comforts of home, irrespective of what they are wearing.

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