Modern Man’s Corner – The Beach Body

Summer is around the corner, if you’re not getting beach ready now then you are missing out. Even if you live in the City the “Beach Body” is what you’re after.

A body can’t be naked and you have to clothe it. So why not in beach & bowler shorts available on They come in a wide range of colours so get in on that action. In the spirit of not sticking to one subject, Summer shirts are really great. If you don’t know what I am talking about, it’s those loose material shirts. They feel light and are almost translucent. They come in different shapes and sizes. Floral prints with sailor V-necks and the stripped V-necks. You can mix-and-match these items and come up with a different combo every time.

With that said, I say down with the flip flops guys. If you plan on going to the shower then great choice, but not for outdoor sightings, no one looks stylish in thong flip flops. Kind of tacky.
Sandals, especially leather strapped or string, are okay and will do just fine. If not a pair of loafers for a bit of formal in your style.
Truworths and Markham have three great leather sandals. Check them out for more on pricing.

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