On the Table – Rushka Johnsson

Sonia Mountford speaks with environmental activist, Rushka Johnson and finds out what makes this petite woman transform into a warrior that is creating awareness about toxic substances such as Roundup in our stores.

Rushka breaks down the concerns and tells you to take a big breath, not to be overwhelmed and how to help make the right choices.

“Any decent human wouldn’t keep quiet.” Rushka Johnson, Environmental Activist

Find out more here: http://www.eategrity.co.za/index.php/2016/05/16/httpwww-eategrity-co-zaindex-php20160509why-consumers-should-be-thankful-for-activists-with-big-hearts/


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  1. Bravo Niche Radio & Rushka for creating awareness in SA. People have been eating experimental GMOs as part of their staple diet in SA for 17 years, without their knowledge or consent! Genetically modified crops can tolerate being sprayed with harmful chemical herbicides & they produce toxins from every cell to kill insects. Contrary to claims by the chemical companies that GMOs can feed the the world, hunger & malnutrition are increasing in SA. Allergies & diseases like cancer are increasing. These are crimes against humanity, and it’s high time the media informed the public. More like this please.

  2. I’m so pleased to see the issue of GMO’s being raised in the media. This is currently one of the most controversial and critical debates to be had, and yet mainstream media appeared to suppress any attempts to expose the dangers to the public. No doubt there is lobbying involved, but I feel the media has an ethical responsibility to expose the truth in all things. This is an extremely important issue and I’m pretty certain that if people were aware of the facts, they would boycott all products that contain maize, soy, cotton and cottonseed, canola and unspecified sugar ingredients.

  3. Agree, mainstream media in South Africa has certainly dropped the ball on this one. Genetically Modified foods and the toxin glyphosate in our food system is probably one of the bigger secrets in South Africa and it has been in our food system for more than a decade now. Groups like African Centre of Biodiversity having been working hard to get these concerns raised in mainstream media with very little support and success. This is the reason why I applaud activists like Rushka Johnsson as she has taken of her time to become informed and to raise awareness about these concerns while mainstream media remains quiet.

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