Johannesburg Bier Fest 2015

On Friday, we were invited to the opening day of the Joburg Tops at Spar Bier Fest. (To get onto the site, you need to be over 18 years old.)

It was loud and a big party and there was enough beer to go around, and then some. But let’s start at the beginning.

Our table was at the centre of a huge hall, decorated in true Bavarian style. There were “Fraulines” whose job it was to get the beers and foods for us as we needed. Not all tables at the BierFest are the same. Some have no Frauline while other have no service at all and you need to make your way to a bar to order drinks.

We have since been informed that ALL tables have a Frauline to serve drinks and all the beers are specially made for the BierFest, which is amazing!!!!
It’s only the food that you can choose to fetch at a cool kitchen area.
See the comment from the Bierfest at the bottom of this post.

You can read all about the different packages here.

There were four different types of beers on tap and we enjoyed the Bavarian Ale that seemed to have been specially made for the event. It was refreshing and light and well worth trying. Others at our table enjoyed the Weissbier and they got stuck into that quite a lot.

At our tables were fun costumes to wear to get into the spirit of the event. Again, not all tables had that on offer and one would have to pay to get the kit at a separate area.

All payments are made with “crowns”. Small tokens of differing values. You buy the crowns from people that walk around the hall, so there is no waiting, which is a big plus.

As the night progressed, the music got louder and louder and it became uncomfortable to enjoy oneself in the hall. I think that the music should be there, but not overpowering. One wants to sing along, but not be bombarded by noise. So we made our way outside which was much more comfortable and it seemed that that is where most of the people at the fest landed up.

Is it worth going? FOR SURE!
Take some mates, get into the spirit and have a great time.

2 Comments on “Johannesburg Bier Fest 2015”

  1. hi there
    Thanks for the write-up.
    Just a note to readers that ALL tables at Bierfest (regardless of package) are serviced by frauleins. There is no bar service available where one needs to order or collect one’s own drinks.
    There is a kitchen counter area where one may purchase food snack items.
    All the craft beers are made specially for the event, but the full range of commercially available biers are also available.
    (As are wines, ciders, Jagermeister and schnapps.)

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