Community Treasures

Today we went to the Northcliff Water Tower. We stood on the hill and had a smug “Lion King” moment. I clearly heard the words “everything the light touches is yours”, now, before comments of delusions of grandeur come flooding in,  I do believe that I should be a princess (I even have a teeny tiny tiara).

Getting back to the point of the post…

Explore your community! It really can be eye-opening.

The reason we went up to the water tower is because we found out today that there used to be a trail that you could walk between the water towers in the Northcliff, Honeydew area. I also learned that there was a Leopard just behind Clearwater Mall in Honeydew a couple of years ago.

I work within the Northcliff community and I have spent a number of years within a 10km radius of a number of shopping centres. It has always bugged me that the go-to is those shopping centres. One never really explores one’s surroundings, one never really goes further than the usual hangouts.

This is a crying shame!

There are new and exciting and different things happening all the time. Recently Northcliff hosted a community market in the park on Smit Street, Pizza Del Forno on Hendrick Potgieter hosts Salsa evenings on a Friday and for those that don’t mind venturing a little further from home there is always the Maboneng Precinct and Neighbourgoods Market.

The mysterious “they” say that you should do something every day that scares you. Now for the adventurous types there is bungee jumping or skydiving but for those of us who want to do something other than going to a major chain store, a look around your community and at the smaller businesses may not change your life entirely but it certainly will give you a change of perspective.


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