On being in Media

Being in media is a lot like having a runny tummy.
Starting a media company is a lot like having a runny tummy in a restaurant, everyone knows what you are doing and more often than not, as hard as you try, you cannot hide the embarrassing or grosser moments.

Being in media is not all doom and gloom, however.
You do get to go to cool events and you do get free things, but you do have to put yourself out there (now the runny tummy in a restaurant analogy makes sense huh?)

Personally, I want to be everything in media – I want to be a producer, primarily, but I also want to be talent, to write and have an opinion, to be a personality.

The snag with this is that you have to be informed, have an opinion, be different, don’t be afraid to be yourself but don’t be completely yourself, toe the line but don’t care what people think. It seems that in order to be someone in media, you have to be everything to everyone – just enough wall-flower mixed with just enough “James Dean”.

Please don’t mistake my stance, I am not complaining, but I am a little lost, you see, the youth are supposed to be the future, the new blood but you aren’t entitled to have an opinion until an age where you are deemed to have lived a little – to have experience.

I both love and hate media because of this.

I hate the double standards and the fact that it is very much still a “man’s world” – there are strong and amazingly talented women, but there is a lot more room for growth.

I love that one has to constantly evolve and stay on your toes and think very much out of the box and I love that new media has evolved to blow the old school game right out of the water.

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