Stars of Sandstone

During the week commencing 2nd April 2015 for 10-days the sound of thunder will rumble through the hills of the beautiful Eastern Free State. This will not be thunder as we know it; it will be the noise of heavy armour being put through its paces by the South African Armour Museum in Bloemfontein.  The Museum will be bringing a very impressive contingent of heavy armoured fighting vehicles which will be on display and which will be operational for the enjoyment of the public throughout the show.  Particular emphasis is being placed on the Public Open Day on Saturday, 11th April 2015, where the Army looks forward to meeting large numbers of the public and providing them with demonstrations of what their capabilities are.

The theme behind the deployment of these heavy tanks is a historical one.  For example, the iconic Russian tanks, namely the T34, the T55, and the T72 will all be operational.  These tanks reflect Russia’s involvement in Africa, particularly during the Cold War.  On the South African side there will be an Olifant Mk 1A heavy battle tank and a Olifant Mk 1B of which only a small number were made. This exceptional contingent of heavy armour will be backed up by the fully operational Mk IV Sherman tank dating back to the Second World War which has been restored and which is operated by the Sandstone Heritage Trust who will be hosting the Stars of Sandstone 2015.

A Second world war Canadian Chev Quad Gun Tractor with 25 Pounder and Limber will be deployed at Stars 2015 with the compliments and support of the Artillery Formation from Potchefstroom. This combination saw active service in WWII in North Africa at the battle of Alfala Pass.
We are delighted that this prestigious Military unit will be represented alongside the Tanks from the Armour Museum Bloemfontein.

Finally the Armour Museum will be bringing an AFV , namely the Rooikat which is still currently employed in active service with the Defence Force.

Various enactments will be coordinated during the week and a special programme will be laid on for the public on Saturday, 11th April 2015.

People with Military background, people with an interest in the Military, and simply Dads who want to show their boys what heavy armoured vehicles look like in operation cannot miss the Stars of Sandstone 2015.

For further particulars contact Larissa Clarke on E: or T: 051 933 2235 / 076 024 6188.
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