The 2015 Turbine Art Fair

This morning, we were at the media launch of the 2015 Turbine Art Fair, to be held in the Turbine building in the centre of Johannesburg. We had not been there before and it’s an amazing part of Johannesburg’s history. Glynis Hyslop is the Managing Director of the Forum Company that are running the events in the building.

We asked her about the history of the place and she could chat to us for hours about it. Have a read to see just what went on in the place through the years.

This July, the Turbine Building will host the Arts Fair. It’s a mix of food, music and arts. We are putting together a short video with an interview with Glynis and she will explain it all, but we will try here quickly.

The fair is a contemporary art exhibition with no artwork priced over R40 000 which means that it is easily accessible to the general public. We found out that it’s not just a showing, but you can buy the artwork on display too, with even tips on suggested re-sale value in the future on hand.

Artists from around the country will be showing off their works in this exclusive environment. Curators have traveled the country, looking for the best artists and works around, so that you don’t have to.

The weekend is a family affair with STAEDTLER putting on a special kiddies area to bring out the artists in your child.

The Turbine Arts Fair runs from 16 July – 19 July and costs R180 for the whole weekend. There is live music and tapas from 17h00 on 17 July, so that seems to be the pick of the days to be there. The food we experienced today was amazing, so make sure to enjoy the food when you are there.


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