Cool House Hunting App

As you know, I have been fighting to sell my house for a little while now and have had some ups and downs in the process. The newest hurdle is the cost of getting the electrical compliance certificate. When I moved in to this house 5 years ago, the seller lied to me and supplied me with a false certificate that wasn’t worth the paper it was written on. I know this now as another electrician came by to inspect my house and it is going to cost me over R10 000 to sort out the defects. I have done NOTHING to the electricity since moving in, short of a solar geyser installation.

I did, however, find a really cool tool last night.

You know those annoying GumTree mails that you get every morning? Well it might be time for you to actually take notice.

They have a House Buying mobile App that is really easy to use and fun to play with at the same time.

Have a look, it will change the way you see your neighborhood. It shows how prices have moved over a period of time, what the costs are and so much more.

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