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Since moving on from eNCA, I have found that I no longer watch news on TV and when I do, I am very picky and it is for a very short time. We were told, incorrectly I believe, to change the headlines on a TV news channel every hour, at least. The management’s belief was that people watch the channel all the time and will get bored if the headline stays the same. I know that there are some places where the channel was on the TV but they are generally public places, like a restaurant or coffee shop. Those businesses by nature have fast traffic. People come and go for their coffee or meals and then they are off. The TV is moving wallpaper and rarely will someone take real notice of a news story on the TV.

Our job in the news industry was to create appealing pictures and headlines that grabbed attention. It wasn’t the news that was worrying, it was how to capture someone’s attention.

This accounts for all media these days. This blog is headlined in a way to keep you reading. The tweets and Facebook updates that go with it do the same. They are thought out to get you to click on the link to read the blog.

If you look around this page you will see adverts that do the same thing. They need you to click on them and then follow through to a purchase.

The 24 hour news channel needed eyeballs, I need readers, the advertisers need clicks. It’s all about selling our product to you in a way that you want it.

What traditional media is missing is speed.

I listen, daily, to interviews that Jeff Ayliffe is doing at this year’s Cape Epic. (No need to write ABSA here.) Jeff posts his interviews, FOR FREE, on SoundCloud. All you need is an internet connection. 24 hour news needs DSTV or a TV for that matter. Radio is good, but not fast enough and radio producers today are so blind to their medium’ power and all we hear is bland pop music.

YouTube is just as fast as SoundCloud. I can record and post in a matter of minutes, No editor, no approval and no need to over work. YouTube watchers forgive the technical faults because they want to see the news fast! A 24 hour news channel has 10 different people that need to touch, in some form, that news story. Ain’t no body got time for that.

The channel’s argument is that people trust them more than the YouTubes. They might be right, but what’s the point of putting news up 12 hours too late. CNN, SKY, trusted news channels, have made mistake but they are fast with the news, Let’s face it, the best news we saw last week was the robbery of the SABC reporter. That was fast and simple and the biggest news story of the week,


I found this this this afternoon. AMAZING.
TV news is done, old and needs to be replaced.

What internet news do you source and use? Do you use YouTube and SoundCloud for news? Help my fellow readers out so that we can expand our minds to more than what is being shoved down our throats my massive media organisations.

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