A tough week

It’s the end of a tough week here in Freelance world. I type this from my bed late on a Friday night.
Today was an amazing day. It’s slowly dawning on me just how much work goes in to running one’s own business. Have a great partner and she has found some excellent people with which to work.
The thing I have found out very quickly is that one cannot work alone. Partnerships are essential in llife. One needs people to help, advise and mentor. Helping another person  to be better is the best thing a human can do. I’ve worked for selfish people and it is no fun. I have made it my life’s goal to not be like them. Always help. It’s easy if you try.
Today I stopped by the SABC to collect a copy of stuff I did on SAfm years ago. My great friend Helen had kept it. It’s for a job interview on Saturday in Pretoria.
I then went passed the Wedding Expo. I am filming the event as a small promotion. Videos will be on YouTube through the weekend. After that it was off to Brewhogs in Kyalami for a pitch, followed by dinner at Toscas.
Tomorrow is a job interview. Please wish me luck. I’m hoping it will work. I’m over qualified but perfect. I just hope that they see that.

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