A blog in a shop

I am writing this on my phone as I enjoy a hot cup of Seattle Coffee Company coffee. Around me are a couple of Afrikaans retired gents chatting about life. To me left are two young women in quiet conversation that gets a little loud sometimes. I was going to sit near them to hear but couldn’t be bothered. There are the two typical coffee shop geeks. Both with laptops, neither are Apples. They both have tshirts and jeans on. The uniform of a coffee shop blogger. There is also a builder with his hard hat on the table as he enjoys a little brunch. Although I imagine he will call it breakfast.  Finally, there is a man with an amazing beard doing the crossword puzzle in a newspaper. No coffee or tea for him though.
These are the people of Seattle Coffee Co this morning as you enjoy your job, your colleagues and your friends.
I’m going to stay here a while and enjoy the people around me. I hope that you enjoy those around you.

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