How to sell a house in ZA

There are some things that we are taught at school that I have never used since. I have never had to work out the molecular mass of something nor have I had to work out whether a chemical reaction is exothermic or endothermic. Okay, I am not in the science industry, but I did spend five years of my high school life working these things out. I have recently needed to work out some Voltage, Watts and Amps so I am thankful for, at least, a basic knowledge of how to do that. For that I thank my science teachers at West Ridge High School in Roodepoort. I was going to link to the school, but their website is “Under Construction”.

Then I found these opinion pieces from News24 and I am not sure that I should admit to going to the school anymore.

Links here and here.

Then there are things that we NOT taught in school. Things that we need every day. Things like how to buy a car, how to balance a household budget and what compound interest is. I know that some children today in ZA are being taught these things and that’s a great thing, but I wasn’t.

One thing that needs to be taught is how to buy and sell a house. It is the most difficult thing around. Well, it is for me as I am trying to do so now.

Due to one man being a dick, I am being forced to sell my house and put another two people out of a job. One can research as much as you like but there is no definite way to go about selling one’s largest asset. Do a quick Google search and you will find over 73 million websites. I clicked on the first one and it did help a bit.

The one thing these sites don’t tell you is that Estate Agents lie. They will tell you anything to get your business. The biggest lie is that Agents work for you. They don’t. They will tell you everything you want to hear but seldom is it what actually happens:

1: We have a buyers list as long as my arm.
2: Your house is worth so much more.
3: We have some great offers coming in.
4: This house is going to sell quickly.
5: I’m so sorry to hear about your situation.
6: We only work with a sole mandate.

Those are just a few.

I am struggling to sell my house and I am not sure if it is because I have a shit house or a shit agent. Only time will tell.

Added to all of that is the extra one has to pay to the city for rates and taxes. (3 months, which you hope to get back in the future.)
An electrical certificate, that’s another R1500 if everything is okay, which it won’t be, because  the agent that sold you your house lied five years ago.

Things just start stacking up, but if I was taught at school what the processes were, I would know what to expect. Then I could have done something about it.

I love science, I really do, but I would really love to be able to sell my house without any hassle.

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