Don’t take anything for Granted

This time last year I was ending my first week of spending a whole week at the amazing Cullinan Hotel in Cape Town. I was editing a package on the Phil Ligget ride from Cape Town to the top of Suikerbossie and back again. I was sipping white wine in the bar of the five star hotel, as I edited and enjoyed the view of the swimming pool. German and American tourists were swimming in the sparkling pool as the sun set in the west.

The days before, I had had a wonderful VIP dinner with the cycling VIPs of the country around the Cullinan Pool. I had had drinks on the beach at the Grand after having had white win at an amazing hotel at Granger Bay. I had been up the mountain, had pizzas at Blue Peter and experienced the best of the Western Cape covering a mountain bike race for the company for which I worked.

Right now, I am watching Dragon’s Den on my TV at home and not in Cape Town.

I miss my Cape Town experience, I wish, with all my heart, to be in Cape Town for this year’s Cape Town Cycle Tour. I think that it will be something special. I will watch it on TV this year, live from 6am.

I should be there, but I am not.

Do I crawl into a ball and cry about it?

I am not going to. Next year I will be there. Look for me on the start line, look for me in the stands, look for me on the side of the road and look for me at the Cullinan swimming pool.

One man will not get me down. That person doesn’t deserve my time and he no longer is a factor in my life.

My life has begun and I will never take anything for granted again.

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