SuperSport respond….

On the 1st of March, I wrote about my great experience at the Joburg Open. In that article, I wrote about how I thought that maybe SuperSport were at fault for not allowing the golfers at the Nedbank Golf Challenge to chat with other media.

“At the NGC, the players are put into little bubbles and aren’t as accessible as they were this weekend. I am not sure who to blame for that. Maybe it’s SuperSport who broadcast the event and claim them for themselves, maybe it’s the organisers or even the players themselves. But from what I saw this weekend, the players are more than happy to talk to the media even after a bad day on the course.”

After that article was posted, I received a mail from SuperSport. In the mail, they say the following:

“We request the low round of the day, and or leader(s) for a post-round TV interview, but we certainly do not control the players.
I suggest you take it up with the NGC Media Officer or individual player managers.”

Thank you SuperSport for responding! It is great that you take your audience and colleagues seriously when they have something to say. That is important. Also, thank you for clarifying the questions I raised in the article. I did ask if it was the broadcaster but I also asked if it was the organiser.

I hope that the matter is sorted now and we can have some fun at the Nedbank Golf Challenge in 2015.

EDIT: This is my 100th post on this site. Thank you for reading….

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