The Minnows at the Cricket World Cup

Those in the know are talking up the smaller cricketing nations at the Cricket World Cup 2015.
Neil Manthorp, one of the best cricket commentators South Africa has, had his say on Twitter a little while ago.
Ken Borland, great writer, signed a petition to keep the smaller nations in the World Cup.
An English TV commentator also had a go at the cricketing body to keep the smaller nations in the Cup.

Now I will never try to say that I know more than them but I do have an opinion on the smaller nations and like a bum, I am sure that you have one too. I would love to hear what you think about the smaller nations taking part in Australia and New Zealand this time around.

My take is simple, the Cricket World Cup takes too long.

The first fixture was on the 14th of February with the final to be played on the 29th of March. That’s 43 days of cricket, not counting the days that the cricket players need time off to rest, shame. In a world where things are getting faster and need to be quicker, 43 days of cricket is a lot. Add to that all the other cricket that is being played around the globe. The IPL is just around the corner too.

This “campaign” by cricket commentators to keep the smaller nations in the tournament is based on matches that those smaller nations play against each other. There have been some exciting matches between the UAE, Afghanistan and Scotland but in the end it doesn’t matter.

Look at what South Africa are doing to Ireland today. Look at how the bigger cricketing nations have beaten the smaller nations when they meet each other.

The fact that these smaller nations play good cricket doesn’t matter.

The tables show that. Only Ireland are in the top four of their group and that will probably change after the beating they get from South Africa this morning. The final eight to progress to the quarter-finals will be the bigger nations. England are the exception, but the SuperSport advert was spot on when they show the English press saying that they will be pathetic.

It’s not up to the World Cup to showcase smaller nations that will be beaten. That falls on the TV channels across the globe. If these nations play such good cricket, then put it on TV. Show them playing against each other week in and week out. Let’s see these good players and matches more often. SuperSport 2 s now a 24 hour cricket channel. How many times can we see AB de Villiers scoring runs? Show is the smaller nations when they play.

I would love to watch a close game between two sides any time. I don’t want to see 150 run victories every day. That gets boring and that is what we are seeing when a bigger nation plays a smaller nation and if the inevitable outcome is Australia, New Zealand, India and South Africa in the semi-finals, does it even matter that the smaller nations were there? I think not.

What do you think? Should these sides play in the World Cup?

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