Coffee at Woolies

My good fiend, Dave Moseley is a big fan of Woolworths but he isn’t a big fan of the white middle class that moan about the store all the time. One has to admit that people love to moan about Woollies. Everything from a slug in the salad to loaves of bread being wrong. Now I am a big fan of Wollworths. The type of food available there is something special. There are things there that you will never need, but you will still buy from the shelves and spend just that little more for the privilege. Let’s face it, do you really need a low-calorie snack as you wait in queue? Those peanut chocolates are also something special, aren’t they?

Back to the point Gericke.

I met a long lost mate of mine at the Woolworths at Nicolway for a coffee this morning. (You can tell I am not a true Capetonian as I didn’t blog from the coffee shop.) The place was packed. I don’t think that I saw an empty table for the hour and a bit that I was there. Now, let me tell you, there is nothing more pretentious than having a coffee at a Woollies at Nicolway. Maybe a wine at the Michelangelo would be the same, but trust me, I had to dress up. Don’t get me wrong, the coffee was great, the service was so-so and the atmosphere was very European.

The point of this post was the payment system..

I love the new payment systems that have come to be in the last couple of years. I am a big fan of Snapscan from Standard Bank. There is also Zapper, FlickPay and a MasterCard app too. Each one has it’s advantages and disadvantages. I was talking to a trader at the Fourways Farmers’ Market and he was telling me that SnapScan asks for 3% of all trades, which I think is good value. Remember that there is no extra charge for the machine, the telephone line and connection issues. I see that, soon, we will all have a bar-code of some sort and that is the way that we will be paid. I can hear the Christian faithful complaining about that already though.

At Nicolway, it seems that Woolies has their very own way of paying.

1: Give slip to customer and ask them to fill out the total, including tip.
2: Bring card machine to customer
3. Take both slip and card machine away
4. Come back with just the card machine and ask customer for card and pin
5. Give card back to customer.
6. Walk away with card machine.
7. Come back with a slip of paper that has the transaction details on.

Now, to me, that seems like a lot of hard work. Would it not be easier, Woolies, to simply have a bar-code on your original slip that I can scan and pay in seconds? I think it would and I was your customer.

Now why did I mention David Moseley in the opening sentence of this piece? I was hoping that he might re-tweet it. Is that too much too ask?

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