Another take on Radio

I am writing this blog post on my Samsung S4 using predictive text so please will you forgive any mistakes as I go along. ..
I got a great response to my post yesterday in music streaming. On Facebook, Joanne mentioned that HOT 91.9 is amazing with real DJs and real music. I’ve been listening to the station for a while now too, it started late last year. But Joanne missed the point of my post.  Why, with all the music available for next to free on the web, do I still need to listen to music radio?
I’m slowly making my way through the amazing “Serial” podcast. Now that is radio. I can see the scenes, feel the weather and experience the emotions as I listen. Music radio has none of that. It is just music and it’s not the music I want when I want it.
There is a need for radio but it needs to change. It needs to add value to my life. Sadly, modern radio is lacking in adding value. Until it does, I will continue to stream podcasts, shows and music that I want.

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