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As I type this, I am listening to streaming music on my Simfy account. I pay sixty-something Rand a month and I and I can listen to all the music I want. The library of music is huge but every now and again I will search for a song and they won’t have it. What do I do then? Do I go out and by a copy of that song? No, I don’t, I simply go without. For R60 I get to listen to music 24 hours a day for 31 days so why would I spend R10 at iTunes to buy a song that I might only want to listen to once?

I read a piece today that music doesn’t make the top list of illegal downloads on the re-launched Pirate Bay. After months of being down, the massive torrent site is back and as good as the original. Someone with more time than me, looked at the top files that were being downloaded from the site and found that music isn’t one of them. Movies, TV and porn made up the majority.

So where are people getting their music from?

I stream and listen on my DSTV bouquet. I also have the radio, but that conversation is for another blog post completely. I do have iTunes and there is plenty of music there, but I rarely use it because it is too cumbersome. The programme is not designed for a South African user. It’s great if you can rent movies, TV shows and other things but as a small user it’s just too complicated. Maybe not, maybe the other alternatives are just better, simpler and easier to use.

I own some LP vinyl records too. That is a whole different experience to just listening to a song. The tactileness (is that a word) of pulling a record out of the cover, putting it on the turntable, finding that sweet spot for the needle and then having to turn it over when the first side is finished. It’s more than just listening to music, it’s an experience.

Radio does make sense, but the stations don’t play the music I want to hear when I want to hear it.

So I go to streaming.

How do you consume music? Let me know so that I am not the only one feeling out of sorts.

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