The Fourways Farmers’ Market

Okay, it’s not quite a farmers’ market, but it is a market and it is in a nursery, which is like a farm, so I’ll let that go.
The Fourways Farmers’ Market is open every Sunday from 10ish and take your time. Get there early as it fills up very quickly with the JoBurg northern suburb crowd. Young families, pretty young things, hipsters and old folks rub shoulders to get a taste of some of the best tasting faire on sale.
I got there around 11am and headed straight for the coffee zone. At R15 a cup, it wasn’t badly priced. 
I went for a walk through the five rows of goods on sale. Everything from Turkish Delight to Carbanosi. I bought a packet of beer making goods from just over R100 and then made my way to the beer tent. 
At R30 for a pint, it’s about the right price, and if you prefer something a little different, why not head to the champagne area or the gin tent. There is also a bloody mary stall of you would rather get your morning off to a tipsy start.
One can spend hours at the marker with seating in the form of benches, hay stacks or wooden stumps. Some are in shade and others are in the sun, that is why you need to get there early. Of you want a good spot, grab some friends, find a place and stay there all day. Leave someone to look after your spot as others explore the market.
There is a dedicated childrens’ area with crafts and arts for the little ones to play with. There is also a little separate section where the families with young children tend to gather and there are swings and jungle gyms there.
Live music is played through the day but it’s not overpowering and of you find a spot away from the stage, then it becomes background music and not noise.
Finally, make sure you take some cash with you. SnapScan from Standard Bank is around, but many stalls are cash only, and if you aren’t prepared, then you might miss out on some delicious snacks. SnapScan works a dream and is a quick download and set up.

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