Surviving travel

When traveling one needs to bear a few things in mind…

    1. A travel survival kit
The most important things should be an eye mask and ear plugs.
The eye mask doesn’t completely block your sight but it does help with trying to sleep when other passengers are watching TV.
The ear plugs come out but do take the edge off with general noise in the plane
            2. Airports

We flew out of OR Tambo international airport

We decided to check into the Bidvest lounge

But you can decide  where you want to go. The airport pubs and restaurants are just as good, if not better.

International airports are safety conscious so be aware of what you are wearing – I was nearly strip-searched because my shoes had a metal inlay.

             3. WiFi
Speaking of airports, not only are they a great place to get a tasy snack and a cup of coffee

But coffee shops are also a great source of free wifi. Take as much advantage as you can.

            4. Don’t underestimate the weather
We went to Germany. It was astoundingly cold, especially coming from South African summer.

            5. Dress Appropriately
So again, we were facing a European winter. So warm clothing was an essential.

It was so cold even the Lego Giraffe needed some extra warmth.

            6. Figure out your budget
Two things on this topic…
            A. Figure out how much money you can afford to exchange.
            B. Don’t convert back. It hurts. So take your money and enjoy it.

             7. Take in the sights
We were in Berlin

As a hint of advice, take in as much as you can. A lot of the sights are free of charge. So take in as much of the sights and shopping as you can.

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