German Visa

I’m writing this as a service to you if you plan on getting a Schengan visa via the Germans any time soon. In fact, any time. It doesn’t have to be soon.
There are a huge amount of forms for you to have including 3 months back statements which is always fun getting.
My downfall began when I needed official confirmation of my hotel accommodation in Germany.
But first,  a little background. …
I am writing this on the floor outside the offices of the company that accepts the visa applications for the German embassy. My phone battery is dying as i wait for the hotel papers. This company then send the docs and passport to get processed.
Make sure you have everything. If you need to make a new appointment it will cost you another R75 each time.
When the confirmation from the hotels come, then I need to print them and, hopefully, still get in in time for them to accept my application. If not, then I will have to come back another time and time is already against me.
Suffice to say, check and then re check to make sure you have everything!

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