AYK Summer 2015

a.y.k. launched their Summer 2015 range at 44 Stanley in Johannesburg on Tuesday.
The style is a beautiful mesh of East meets West in a Japanese inspired look with a twist of South Africa.

There is some great news for local industry as the clothing is locally manufactured and is very affordable.

Designer Liora spoke about her brand a.y.k and was joined by fellow designer Diana Tadjuideen, which is stocked in the a.y.k store at 44 Stanley.
Both explained that their design are for an unconventional and adventurous woman who wants to remain chic, flirty and feminine.
Liora found the style of clothes while she was on a a very expensive holiday in Hong Kong.
After 2 years worth of communication with a.y.k in the Chinese City, she was granted permission to sell the clothing range in South Africa.

The range is free flowing with fabulous texture and fabrics. Some are bold but some are subtle so there is certainly a dress or suit made for your body type.
Liora is proud of the fact that she wears her own clothes every day and she feels that it can only make you feel better.

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