An Oneiric affair

“Oneiric” is a real word, can be found in the dictionary and can be used in scrabble.
This is the quirky way that Oneiric Wines were introduced.

We tasted the Oneiric Cousin Jack – a beautiful red wine combining Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Shiraz. The wine is smooth and unassuming, not as heavy as was expected.
Next was the 2011 Chardonnay. The vote was split on this one, on the nose, it smells like dessert. The caramel and buttermilk taste was heavy but for the Chardonnay drinker this wine is beautiful!
Lastly was the Oh! Chardonnay, a very light, very smooth Chardonnay that honestly could happily be drunk outside on a lazy, hot summer afternoon.

Oneiric – meaning relating to dreams or dreaming, and it is an apt way to sum up the Sanlam Handmade Contemporary FoodWineDesign Fair.

The exhibitors were selling the items they had come up with in some way, whether it be designer earrings, handbags, lamps or food and wine.

There was an overall atmosphere of being at home.

The fair is being held on the second floor parking lot at Hyde Park shopping centre. The venue, though covered for the most part, it light and open and airy. One is free to walk around and experience what is on display or sit in one of the courtyard areas and watch the world go buy.

A must have experience for an afternoon.
Don’t forget to tweet your experience using the hashtag #HandmadeContemporary

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R100 for a great pork platter

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