The #RoseLee launch kicked off in style

We used Uber Johannesburg to drive us around which was the most luxurious way to travel.
We arrived at the Parkmore Square and into the Fine Living venue.

Champagne on arrival, the clothes on display and a variety of finger foods delivered by waiters, our evening had begun.

Samantha Peo hosted the event and by the end of the evening had slipped into the tuxedo silk lounge-wear outfit.

We met the designer – Desiree Cooper who named her line after her children.
We met the taylor’s who skillfully sew the silk to create the beautiful items in the collection.
The clothes are made locally and there is high importance of keeping the collection locally based and made.
As Desiree says in her own words: Any of the items can be worn at any time of the day. The clothing is for men and women to get the feel of luxury on their skin. Pajama and Lounge wear is not something that one needs to feel is “strictly for home use”. This collection can be worn with pride.
For more, check out their website, #RoseLee Collection….

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