It’s all in the Giving

 I run with music in my ears. I know it’s not a good idea and it’s not exactly getting back to nature, but I enjoy it. It makes time go faster and I build a good rhythm with some hard rock or dance tunes helping me along. I moved the music onto my Blackberry and then load up Endomondo. Endomondo is a fantastic little app. It is a GPS tracking programme that also plays music and has what the call a “virtual coach”. Every kilometre that I run, a female voice pops up and tells me how far I have run and how fast I have done it. If I tell the App that I want to do a certain distance, then it tells me how long that distance will take. It keeps you going as you try to maintain a pace throughout the run. Today, for example, I programmed it that I was going to do a 7km run. As I started fast, it predicted a 40-minute run. I did it a little slower as I tired, but it helped along the way to stop me from slowing down.

The App also plays music from the phone’s memory. Today I chose a random selection from my iTunes library. There is no telling what music will be selected. About 4km into the run today I got two Christmas songs in a row and it was a fantastic feeling. I know that over Christmas time, we always fall into the trap of hating the music being piped through the shopping malls. Not me! I love Christmas music. Today it put such a big smile on my face that I am thinking of running to the genre all the time. Maybe then it will get a bit much.

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