2012 Cycle Tour

So my 3 hour Pick n Pay Cape Argus Cycle Tour didn’t happen. I posted a respectable 3:33 or something like that. It was faster than last year but this year I had a lot more fun on the ride.

I was lucky enough to start in the C bunch. I am nowhere near a C bunch rider, maybe an E and I was originally seeded in G, so that puts things into perspective. Gareth and I went down to Cape Town a few days before and our pre-race rides were maybe a little hard. On the Saturday before the race, I had a great ride with Team Bonitas but they don’t really know the meaning of Coffee Ride. They flew up past Lundudno and down to Hout Bay and then back up Suikerbossie. I tried to keep up, but that might have not been the best idea.

On race-day Sunday, I was lucky enough to enter the race from the front of the bunch from the VIP section, than you Dave Bellairs. I kept up with the big boys up Nelson Mandela Boulevard and past UCT but that was when I realised that maybe I was in a bit of trouble. I tried to stay with the group but was blown away. Along Blue Route I found a small group and we paced back to the group but as soon as the bigger hills arrived, I was dropped.

At Smitswinkel, I found myself all alone and, in hindsight, should have waited, but I time trialed trying to catch a bunch that was going just that much faster than me. It was there that I decided to have fun and change the race into a ride. For the rest of the 50km I waved at people, enjoyed the views and simply had a good time. It changed the way I see the Cycle Tour.

Well done to Gareth for winning the Media Challenge and thanks to everyone in Cape Town for making my ride special. Next year, we do things differently!

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