My morning coffee

One of the many pleasure I have is my morning cup of coffee. 

I have a little cheap espresso maker in which I make a double. I then fill up my Simpsons cup with extra boiling water. One spoon of brown sugar and top it up with milk. It would be perfect would I me allowed to use full cream milk or even just cream, but my heart says I should use the fat free stuff. I think it is just coloured water, but it’s okay.
Back to the coffee. 
I normally buy the packaged, ground coffee from Pick ‘n Pay, but the other day I was walking through my local strip mall. I have walked past the coffee shop there hundreds of times, usually to buy coffee in the Spar. This time I really felt like a good cup of coffee and went inside. What a pleasant surprise. There was a lone woman working the whole shop. There a couple of older women enjoying their afternoon brew, talking loudly, but it is the kind of place that that is expected.
The counter lady told me about all the different types of coffee that they roast IN THE SHOP!!
There in the shop is a coffee roaster. What a pleasure. Every day they roast new coffee and you can buy it. 
Now I know that this is not a strange phenomenon. In fact, when I go to Port Elizabeth I make a stop at that coffee shop near the harbour every time. Okay, I have only been there twice, but PE is not a nice place to visit.
Back to the coffee.
Abol Bunna. Ethiopian Coffee. Click to
I have no idea about the “greenness” of the coffee or if it is labour friendly. All I know is that it is delicious. (he says taking another sip)
I bought the darker roast as I feel that coffee should hurt the back of your throat a little. With all these new coffee machines with pre-packed little thingies, it is fantastic to know that there is still original, good and fantastic products on my doorstep. 
And FYI, they are not paying for this. They just deserve the note!

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