Fairland welcomes its very own radio station, Fairland Radio.

Fairland Radio took to the internet airwaves on the 3rd of June this year heralding the first in a series of local internet stations to be launched by startup 9 Block Radio.

On air from 6 AM to 9 AM, Monday to Friday, the breakfast show is presented by radio veteran Jon Gericke. “The content will be sourced from the area and we have featured our inaugural advertisers as well as an inside look at the local CPF.”

“Internet radio and podcasts are already the radio of the future and being able to deliver both live and on-demand content to a neighbourhood for the neighbourhood is the reason for starting Fairland Radio,” explains Jon who adds with a grin that radio is his passion and this is what he has always wanted to do.

Jon has been in radio in one form or another since he was a student in KwaZulu Natal where he started on campus radio before being hired by the then Radio Port Natal (now ECR). Since then Jon has worked with various community radio stations both on air and as a consultant and can still be found on air at SAfm on a Saturday night and as a sports bulletin presenter for SABC Sport.

9 Block Radio is a partnership between Jon Gericke and Mornay Caroto who together bring different expertise to the business. Mornay who will be responsible in part for the advertising sales and running the business end of the channel, says that they will be looking to local area businesses but will also extend their approach to advertisers outside the area who have services and products to offer the residents of Fairland.

Fairland Radio can be found online at http://bit.ly/FairlandRadio and is easy to stream the breakfast show live on your computer, tablet or phone or you can listen to the podcasts on demand on the website http://9blockradio.co.za/podcasts/ or simply enjoy the music during the rest of the day.

Live from My Airbnb Bedroom

Live from My Airbnb Bedroom

The radio show is not my only job. I also do video and social media work for companies who want me to help tell their stories. This Tuesday was one of those days. A large company asked us to film their recycling plant in Hilton and Midmar.

So off on a plane, I flew to Pietermaritzburg Airport. It has 2 doors, an in and an out. It is not a big airport. The plane has to make a U-turn at the end of the runway to make its way back to the place it parks. Then a man pushed a staircase under the door of the plane, at an angle to make it more fun to disembark, then you walk through a room to the parking. No mess – no fuss.

I drove to Hilton and checked into my Airbnb.

I wake up for the Fairland Radio Breakfast show at 5:30 am. The room had no desk or table on which to work, so I put my laptop on my lap, the sound desk on the bedside table, the microphone on my tummy and I presented a radio show.

Modern technology is amazing that I am able to present a worldwide radio show from my bed, under the duvet with a hot cup of coffee next to me. Any station manager around the world would be a nervous wreck now thinking of a cup of coffee open next to the sound desk, but I like to live dangerously.

Is it a good idea to do a radio show from your bed? YES!

Did I do it well? Well, that’s up to you. Did you enjoy the show? I hope so.

I would post a picture of me doing my thing in the bed but I was wearing only pyjama bottoms and I am brave but I am not stupid. So no topless Jon pictures. For now!


Counting down the hours

Counting down the hours

Final touches are being made to the playlist, interviews are being edited and the last reverb is echoing on the station IDs. Welcome to the final hours ahead of the launch of a brand new radio station.

3 months of planning, 2 months of testing and tweaking and a month hitting the virtual pavements and Fairland Radio will launch on Monday with Jon Gericke taking the hot seat and bringing you three hours of music, chats and information you can actually use.

Traffic will be local, the weather you need and news you can use, are the order of the day.

But this station will be nothing without you. We need your input.

Please find us on Facebook, Twitter and via WhatsApp on 082 891 1657.
It’s a true first for South African radio and we want to make the station what you want to hear. so get typing, sharing and dialling now.

We hope to hear from you at 6 am on Monday morning.