The Coolest Podcast Ever – DMC Wednesdays Episode 2: GBV

The Coolest Podcast Ever – DMC Wednesdays Episode 2: GBV

On this episode of the DMC Wednesdays show the squad discusses Gender-Based Violence in South Africa.

The group shares their thoughts and experiences on this sensitive subject, enjoy and share the show.

Warning This Show Contains Explicit Language

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Hangout With Heather – Music from The Saxby Twins and Soviet Denim launch model campaign for everyone…

Hope you are all keeping warm this weekend – winter has truly hit SA in a big way! Never fear, however, Heather is back with the latest in lifestyle and entertainment news – plus an incredible one on one chat with upcoming identical twin singers, The Saxby Twins who are currently making musical waves with their second single.

She also chats with Dane du Plessis, Marketing Manager for Soviet Denim, who have launched their SS20 campaign and are calling all Soviet Denim lovers to enter and stand a chance to not only be the face of the campaign but also stand the chance of winning cash prizes and product hampers!

Heathers shares more about the four Miss SA judges that have just been announced, and are busy working through the over 2500 entrants received – the highest number ever, and also about local Joburg Restaurant Aurum, who are not only bringing tasty homemade, freezer-friendly goodies to you – but also donating soup to communities in need during this trying time.

Get hands-on in the kitchen with the perfect winter warmer recipe thanks to Chef Charne Wylie from Capsicum Culinary Studio, her Thai red pork curry is set to get your lips tingling during our winter snap and with Father’s Day approaching next weekend, the ultimate picnic basket from Nick’s Pick picnics is just the thing to spoil dad with – whether you are able to actually spend time with the old man on the day, or not.

WIN! Heather has a truly spoil worthy hamper from Sorbet to give away this week valued at over R800 as well as her incredible Tau Game Lodge special with a chance to win a free night at this 5 star paradise.

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Hangout With Heather – Karma Luna releases new acoustic song cover and RADA tackles bullying

This week Heather chats to local songbird Karma Luna, who has released a powerful acoustic cover of Au/Ra’s ‘Panic Room’ all recorded in isolation at her home. Karma Luna shares more about why the lyrics are so powerful, and why the song means so much to her during this time of lockdown.

RADA, the well known non-profit organisation are focussing on bullying (in all its forms) this May month and Heather shares more about this powerful campaign, why it strikes such a chord with her, and how you can get involved and help out with a worthy cause.

&SCENE is a brand new online platform that aims to keep the arts alive during the lockdown. Showcasing a variety of performances and other awesome goodies like exercise and music lessons, baking classes and kid-centric goodies as well as show nights, concerts and more – this is certainly something you will want to find out more about.

Well-known mixer brand Fitch & Leedes are shaking things up with an epically cool ‘retro’ collection – they also offer sugar-free variants as well, and if you are wanting to whip up some yummy at home cocktails (or mocktails, if like Heather, you are out of booze) then this is for you!

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Going Wild with Kelly – Canned Hunting

Picture this:  You’re heading down to the lion park with your family and pay your entry fee. You get to sit with the cubs in a pen and play with them and let them roll around with you and purr and you can take your photos with them and post onto your social media.  You pet and cuddled a lion. You get loads of likes and comments on your social media accounts. Once you’re done you leave with your photos and your experience and off you head home from your trip to the lion park with a feeling of joy and happiness.  But what happens to those cubs when they grow up? Is it normal that so many cubs are tamed and are in such a small enclosure for your benefit?  In fact, why are cubs that young in a pen alone, without their mother?  Once they come of age, will they be released into the wild to fend for themselves being the tamed King of the Jungle?  Won’t being tamed get them killed?  
Today we look at canned hunting.  What exactly is canned hunting?

Short Fine Legs – Firdose Moonda & Neil McKenzie

Does cricket have a sexism problem? Yes. Yes it does. With the help of ESPN Cricinfo’s SA correspondent Firdose Moonda, Dan tackles a major problem that is inherent in the game and alienates female journalist and broadcasters.

He then gets technical with former Protea batsman and coach Neil McKenzie to unpack the best strategy when facing spin on the subcontinent.

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Super Dads – EMFSA with Dave and Wilma Miles – surveying your home and environment

On today’s show, I interview Dave and Wilma Miles from EMFSA  to discuss the means of surveying your home for non-native electromagnetic fields. From their experience, they found it is the dad’s who are first resistant when the wife calls them out. The husband would shout do what you want but don’t touch my WiFi. However, after they come in and the husband is able to visually identify the radiation using the meters, it is he then that takes things passionately forward by conducting further measurements and implementing solutions.
EMFSA is a very useful service provider who’s approach is different to other companies, resulting in greater savings. They advocate surveying first before spending money on mitigation solutions.

The A(rt) Collection – Nxolo Shangase

When it gets really tough some people turn to the pen to let it all loose. Noxolo Patience Shangase is a storyteller who is coated in rural goddessness, I know! She was raised by the big city light and finding her way through uncaged thoughts brought to life by a pen and a piece of paper.

She is a creative writer, Poet and Mother to the world’s greatest child. We talk about how she got into writing, her first piece of writing, and her short stories but most importantly where she draws her inspiration.

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Real Relationships – Healthy Hearts

Dr Nikki Stamp is one of one of eleven female heart surgeons in the whole of Australia. We chat about some of the challenges she has had to face in getting to where she is today, why heart health is important and her new book ‘Can You Die of a Broken Heart’.

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