Hangout With Heather – Exclusive chat with Lihle Ngubo from Tropica Island and what is Slimatone?

It’s all happening on this week’s show – two super exclusive interviews with @LihleNgubo from Tropika Island of Treasure as well as an insightful chat with @Slimatone owner Alex – this is the range for ladies who are getting their bodies in shape.

If you love scary movies, that are set to have you on the edge of your seat – make sure you find out more about Tyler Perry’s new movie – Acrimony – which is now on at @SterKinekor theatres nationwide!

Heading back to Jozi!! @CaravelaFestival will back with all the best Portuguese food, drink, entertainment, music and more at @Montecasino from 29 June – 1st July. No to be missed for sure!

Casalinga is proud to be hosting @GrovesAndVineyards on 26th and 27th May – loads of wine, food and of course great music – this is not to be missed!

@TopsAtSparWineFestival are coming back for their 13th anniversary this year @montecasino – Life is indeed a “cabaret” at one of Jozi’s most popular wine shows.

Make sure you have your tickets booked for this weekend’s highlight – The Saturday Social Club series is going down at Red Roman Shed at @EmperorsPalace@primecircle are on the bill, along with some other great acts!

Win with Heather – you can see @Santana LIVE in Jozi this weekend at the @TicketproDome – you know what to do…

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Short Fine Legs – Australia Preview with Jarrod Kimber

Dan is back and is joined by Australian journalist Jarrod Kimber to preview the highly anticipated four-match series between the Proteas and the old enemy that is the Baggy Green.

Who has the better of the two pace attacks? Who has the better spinner? How do you get Steve Smith out? Is Morne Morkel more giraffe or hippo?

All these questions and more in our latest episode.


Short Fine Legs – Battered at the Bull Ring, Test Roundup & ODI Musings

Simmi Areff is back to help Dan unpack the battering Dean Elgar and the rest of the Proteas suffered at the Bull Ring, but at least they got a catchy song out of it.

They also unpack the series as a whole, arguing over player ratings and pick their best XI for the upcoming ODI series against India.


Hangout With Heather – Meet Dynamo world famous magician and loads more of the best entertainment news…

Want to know what’s happening in Joburg?
Thank goodness Heather is here to help. All your best entertainment and lifestyle info is right here on #HangoutWithHeather.

Heather spends time chatting to the internationally famed magician, Dynamo about his “Seeing Is Believing” tour heading to SA in May at the new @TimeSquare Sun Arena. If you love illusion and magic, then you will love Dynamo!

Kings and Queens of Comedy is another highly anticipated must-see comedy event, and Heather chats one on one with MD of @BluBlood – Osman Osman, all about the show, it’s beginnings, it’s growth and what we can expect in 2018!

Exciting news as @KatyPerry announces her first tour to SA in July – it is set to be something to be seen to be believed and Heather has all your info!

Vinyl fever is back with the #VinylFair – which returns to @StanleyBeeryard on the 4th of February and if you are all about old records and LP’s then this is one that you do not want to miss!

Get your romance on with an amazing Valentine’s dinner (with @VeuveCliquot too) taking place on Wednesday 14th February at the beautiful @ArbourCafe in Birdhaven

If you love good music – make sure you book your tickets to #ValentinesBlues heading to @NiroxSculpturePark on the 17th of February – a host of local musicians are set to make this a spectacular day out.

WIN!! Everyone loves to win stuff, and Heather has loads to giveaway – tickets to @KNQComedy heading our way on 10th February are up for grabs, as well as tickets to see singing sensation @DewaldWasserfall performing at the beautiful @FiarcityHotels Roodevallei Hotel in Pretoria on the 17th February!!

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Hangout With Heather – Els for Autism with Liezl Els

Everyone is back at work and the streets and email inboxes of Jozi are humming – may 2018 be a productive one for us all.

Heather is excited to share an exclusive one on one interview with Liezl Els (wife of Ernie) and founder of the @ElsForAutism Foundation as she finds out more about the great work that Liezl and her team are doing at their facilities in South Africa and the USA.

If you love a good comedy show, stay tuned to find out more about the latest offering from @AlanCommittie – his one-man show opens this Friday and is called #PlanetMirth – as well as the latest news on the @KingsandQueensofComedy heading in to its 6th year and bringing some of SA’s best comedic talent our way in February.

If you, like Heather, enjoy escaping to enjoy some peace and quiet, then make sure to find out more about the @CradleBoutiqueHotel and why you want to visit this beautiful hotel and enjoy the amazing views and beautiful surroundings.

WIN WIN WIN – If you want to get your hands on tickets to any of the following shows – make sure you stay tuned to find out how to enter – @TheIllusionists at @Montecasino on 15th February as well as the highly acclaimed @ColorPurple at the @JoburgTheatre on 6th February are up for grabs. If you love music then @TheBeatlesOnTour will have you dancing in the aisles, join me this Friday 19th January @EmperorsPalace – or enjoy the hysterical antics of @AndreTheHilariousHypnotist on 25th January – you know what to do listeners!

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Hangout With Heather – Exclusive interview with Lerato Mvelase and a ticket giveaway!

It’s a brand new year – Happy 2018! Expect only the best and latest Joburg news as #HangoutWithHeather returns to your airwaves.

Heather shares an exclusive one on one interview with Lerato Mvelase who plays the lead role of Shug Avery in the highly anticipated Color Purple which takes to the @JoburgTheatre stage later this month – find out more about this talented actress, her role and what to expect from this award-winning musical.

Find out more about two awesome upcoming shows not to be missed. @BeatlemaniaOnTour hits @EmperorsPalace on the 19th January and is a tribute show that is selling out and wowing audiences around the world.

Homegrown talent @AndreTheHilariousHypnotist is back at @Montecasino on 19th January – be prepared to laugh at not only his, but also his co-stars (the audience, and maybe even you!) hilarious antics. Find out all your details on the show.

WIN WIN WIN – a set of double tickets to see the highly anticipated The Illusionists at @Montecasino in February are up for grabs – make sure you tune in to find out what you need to do to get your hands on these!!

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Real Health Plus – DNA Testing: A Fantastic Healthy Christmas Present

This podcast is a long one but you’ll soon hear why and it’s interesting enough to keep you focused on its duration. If you listened to my podcasts with Swiss researcher Dr Peter Koeppel about supplementing with nucleotides, the building blocks of DNA, you will have a basic understanding of why and how our lifestyle affects our DNA. In this week’s episode we find out why we should then test our own DNA.  

I had first heard about DNA testing around four to five years ago and thought it fascinating, the Human Genome Project was completed and published in April 2003, meaning that we finally had a complete mapping and understanding of all the genes of human beings was.  All our genes together are known as our “genome.” I initially wanted to go for the test but thought that because the science was so new in SA, perhaps it was better to wait a bit. That way practitioners locally would be better trained and equipped to conduct the tests and interpret the results. I’ve subsequently learned that South Africa has some of the best labs globally for DNA testing!

“The hereditary material of all multi-cellular organisms is the famous double helix of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), which contains all of our genes. DNA, in turn, is made up of four chemical bases, pairs of which form the “rungs” of the twisted, ladder-shaped DNA molecules. All genes are made up of stretches of these four bases, arranged in different ways and in different lengths. HGP researchers have deciphered the human genome in three major ways: determining the order, or “sequence,” of all the bases in our genome’s DNA; making maps that show the locations of genes for major sections of all our chromosomes; and producing what are called linkage maps, complex versions of the type originated in early Drosophila research, through which inherited traits (such as those for genetic disease) can be tracked over generations.

The HGP has revealed that there are probably about 20,500 human genes. The completed human sequence can now identify their locations. This ultimate product of the HGP has given the world a resource of detailed information about the structure, organization and function of the complete set of human genes. This information can be thought of as the basic set of inheritable “instructions” for the development and function of a human being.” American National Human Genome Research Institute

Fast forward to December 2017 and it’s one of the most exciting Christmas presents I’ve had to date! In fact, I’m considering getting tests for my husband and immediate family! What an investment into your health?! The one-off test is for life and you won’t – as we currently understand – have to test again.

So I met with lifelong friends and founders of Join Circles, Homeopathic Doctor and wellness enthusiast Dr Heidi Van Loggerenberg & Margie Doig-Gander. They are exquisitely beautiful humans who have both been diagnosed with and fought cancer and you ca read their amazing story here ( We were meant to record a ‘quick’ podcast before I did my test and then another afterwards but as you’ll hear, they have so much passion and knowledge to share and I really love interviewing guests ho have personal journeys to share that an hour later we had to call it J.

If you have been yo-yo dieting for years in a desperate quest to shed pounds, or if you’re experiencing ill health despite trying numerous solutions, supplements and doctors then perhaps this is a test worth investing in. I will be sharing my results as soon as they are back from the labs and I’m hoping that these two podcasts will then help you make an informed decision.

The test was simple enough to do and the guidance and info provided by Join Circles really is dummy proof! I’ll load a video on my Instagram account just to give you a glimpse as to what it entailed.




This episode was brought to you Join Circles,; Follow them:

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Insta: @JoinCircles


Real Health Plus – The Chef Who Fed Google (& Steve Jobs)

Charlie Ayers is best known as, “the chef who fed Google”, a title and job he won in a 1999 cook-off. He was judged by the company’s then 40 employees. It was a last minute entry and in this podcast, he explains how he attained the X Factor. Charlie also had the privilege of feeding Steve Jobs breakfast every morning in the years preceding his death. He shares this experience with us and the nuggets he learned along the way, including a why a free food model in corporate is possibly a great solution to our rising obesity crisis in SA. I interviewed Charlie at the BCX Disrupt Summit where he was one of the speakers. This was his bio according to the summit website:  

By the time Charlie Ayers left Google in 2005, his team of five chefs and 150 employees were serving 4,000 lunches and dinners a day at the company’s headquarters in Mountain View, CA. Ayers was the guy who started serving free, gourmet meals to Googlers and after six years with Google, he did the same for other tech companies. He was hired by places like Facebook and Youtube to do similar programs. At the same time, Charlie opened Calafia Café & Market-A-Go in Palo Alto, CA. His concept epitomizes the idea that “being green” is good for the producer, consumer, environment and local community. A former private chef and (still) personal chef to the Grateful Dead, Charlie continues to consult for startup companies, cater private events and coordinate food service and backstage catering teams at open-air music festivals. Charlie has published a cookbook, Food 2.0: Secrets from the Chef that Fed Google, that exemplifies his culinary vision. In May 2014 Charlie received an honorary doctorate degree from his alma mater, Johnson & Wales University for his contributions to the culinary arts. He brings this same pioneering spirit to his work with the Chowbotics team, ensuring that Chowbotics robots produce delicious food that is good for the people they serve and the world around them.



 This episode was brought to you the BCX Disrupt Summit,


Hangout With Heather – All your latest news on cool events and goings on in Jozi

Welcome back to #HangoutWithHeather – your must listen to podcast for the latest details on whats happening in and around Johannesburg.

This week Heather has an exclusive interview with actress @KhanyiMbau about @Slimatone supplements, as well as finding out more about how Khanyi stays in shape, as well as the upcoming movie she is working on!

Great things are afoot in Jozi this weekend, make sure to diarise the monthly Sunday Social at @TheMaslowHotel in Sandton – great vibes and yummy food with live music, taking place this Sunday, as well as the @HydeParkShoppingCentre Boutique Christmas Market to get all that gift shopping in early which is also on this weekend.

It’s time for the annual @SansuiSummerCup on Saturday 25th November – so grab your fascinators and top hats – it’s off to the races we go!

Love the music of Bob Dylan? Then make sure you have your tickets for Saturday’s “Subterranean Songbook” – a tribute to Dylan’s music in the beautiful @NiroxSculpturePark. Heather chats with Lloyd from @AcousticsNow to find out more!

If you love eating out and discovering new places in Jozi – then @SaigonSuzyJHB is the one for you – Heather shares about her visit, and the Cherry Blossom Garden that was a huge hit.

Miss SA 2018 registrations are now open, and if you want to follow in the footsteps of Demi-Leigh and Ntando – then make sure to get your forms and enter – all your details here.

One date to diarise for next year is that of the arrival of @TheIllusionists in Joburg – they will be at The Teatro at Montecasino from 14th February – Heather is super excited and shares more on the podcast. (We also heard there may be a ticket give away in the new year…)

Find out more and stay in touch with Heather on her blog or via social media!!

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Real Health Plus – Can Candy Crush Help You Lose Weight?

If you were born in 1980 or later I don’t think this will come as much of a surprise to you: Gaming – video games, sports games and puzzles – can change your life! Gaming is actually good for you and gamer, author, speaker & all-out-cool-chick, Jane McGonigal has over ten years’ worth of scientific evidence to back it up. In her latest NY Times-bestselling book, SuperBetter, she shares how gaming can help those suffering from depression and post-traumatic stress disorder and that what we got to chat about when I interviewed her at the BCX Disrupt Summit in Johannesburg. It’s a short but super interesting discussion!




Thi episode was brought to you by the BCX Disrupt Summit