Real Relationships – Life Changes in an Instant

We never think that our lives can change in an instant until it does. Rhonel and Julius chat to me about their experience of when their 3yr old daughter drowned in their swimming pool and how they have had to adapt their lives ever since, the challenges they have had to face together living with a special needs child and still draw on each other for support and strength.



Real Relationships With Paula – Being a Single Dad

It’s not easy being a parent let alone a single parent. I lost my mother at age 7 and that in itself was difficult for a child to comprehend but equally so it has challenges as a parent who is now left to raise a child on their own and to play both roles. Dealing with that void is tough no to mention trying to provide for your child’s every need. This week I speak to John a single dad who raised his daughter as he shares his journey with us.

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