Modern Man’s Corner – Life Lessons

This week I delve into the more ”life lessons” of our Modern Men’s Corner, the ongoing conversation, because it does not end here but continues on our social media pages @macnla and our online stream service @niche_radio.

Bare with me as I discuss the navigation of relationships and the different types that are obviously out there, from monogamy, polygamy even open marriages.  We try and find out what works for you and when did you decide that, that’s what you wanted. As the social development is evolving through such a short space, so are people and their preferences to what they like from short term relationships to long-term.

What used to work back then does not or might not work right now in this modern day of age. Proof of this is Ashley Madison and other apps like grinder just to name a few from the famous sites that people use, there is that question then at the back of my mind is it that everyone wants to cheat and not get caught, are they enticed by the thrill of it in that moment or its deep inside all of us to be polygamous and ”open” with our bodies and who we enter into commitments with.

Even furthermore how people are engaging in the more health and fitness wellbeing of their inside as well as how they dress or look on a day to day basis.