Kyalami Radio

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Tune in to Glen live every Monday – Friday from 5-8 pm!

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Glen Lester has been in broadcasting for 23 years.
He worked with David Blood for some years at SuperSport which is how he got to work at MixFm! Glen was a MixFm DJ on the RockFest and filling in for whoever for 18 months.

During that time he worked with the late David Blood, Leon Economedes and Tony Blewit.
The December of 2012 he did the morning show and his regular show.
Glen loves the broadcast world be it TV or radio. Obviously a love for music is why Glen loves radio and he got his radio inspiration at a young age seeing Good Morning Vietnam. He has also always loved listening to all the great DJs over the years at Radio 5!

Glen is married to Linsey who is a passionate woman and she runs her own business which is a doggy daycare centre in Kyalami.

Glen says that he would really love this to be a tight-knit community radio station where we can all contribute and make a huge success of all things Kyalami!!!!

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