Going Wild With Kelly – Son of former Miss Namibia Pageant Director involved in unethical hunting practice

Former Miss Namibia Pageant Director, Nic Kruger, has been linked to a controversial trophy elephant hunt, the video of which went viral on social media mid-October 2018. To get to the bottom of this unethical hunt, I managed to do some investigations and found out not only was he part of this but his son is the Professional Hunter involved. The association doesn’t stop there. An anti-poaching NGO is associated with this due to the links of the National Pageant. What started out as a simple story turned into something deeper and darker.


Going Wild with Kelly – Canned Hunting

Picture this:  You’re heading down to the lion park with your family and pay your entry fee. You get to sit with the cubs in a pen and play with them and let them roll around with you and purr and you can take your photos with them and post onto your social media.  You pet and cuddled a lion. You get loads of likes and comments on your social media accounts. Once you’re done you leave with your photos and your experience and off you head home from your trip to the lion park with a feeling of joy and happiness.  But what happens to those cubs when they grow up? Is it normal that so many cubs are tamed and are in such a small enclosure for your benefit?  In fact, why are cubs that young in a pen alone, without their mother?  Once they come of age, will they be released into the wild to fend for themselves being the tamed King of the Jungle?  Won’t being tamed get them killed?  
Today we look at canned hunting.  What exactly is canned hunting?