My Reply to Eusebius’ “Feeling At Home”

By Jon Gericke

It’s time for me to start sharing some opinions.

This morning, 16 March 2018, 702 presenter, writer, author, and man who uses big words, Eusebius McKaiser started his open line as he does just after the news at 9 am. I missed the very beginning of the show and as probably tuned in from around 9:15 am and Eusebius was on a little monologue about certain people not “feeling at home”. This feeling, according to the presenter, was the uncomfortable feeling “certain individuals” get when they are not comfortable at work, at a pub or at any public space. He spoke about how those individuals are experiencing something new as they have always been able to mix with their own kind, be comfortable when they were on public transport or at work.  Eusebius then became very serious and reminded these people that that was what other people have experienced all their life – cut to an advert break.

Now note that at no point did the presenter refer to race, sex or religion in his monologue but he did mention that he was a black man and he is often heard saying that he is a gay man.

It has to be inferred that he is referring to white people who are no longer comfortable at work, at the pub or other public space because now there are people of other races in that space. Eusebius’ assertion that people must accept “not feeling at home” was what started to gnaw at my mind.

It’s a common argument that is used:
Because I had it bad, you need to have it bad too.
Because I was spanked as a kid, I need to spank my kids too.
Because I am a vegetarian, you need to give up meat too.

This argument is a poor one, at best.

Eusebius then later in his show, started discussing how, as a black man, he can be a liberal. How can a liberal be happy or demand that a certain group of people, in 2018, must feel like they have no home because that was the way it was almost a quarter of a century ago?

To me, a liberal, and anyone with a sense of decency.  should realise that someone is uncomfortable and bring them into the fold, int the family, int the home, so to speak.

Using Eusebius logic, should men make women not feel at home in the workplace? No, as men, we need to make women feel at home at the office, somewhere safe, with no harassment.
Using Eusebius’ logic, is it okay to make a gay man feel unwelcome? No, because it has nothing to do with you if he is gay or not and it would simply be wrong, as a human being,  to do so.

So why is okay, Eusebius,  if a new group of people do not feel at home?

This is petty revenge and is certainly not a liberal thing to do.

Now I know, if you bother to reply, will use lovely big words to justify your argument, you have a much bigger vocabulary than I do, but it’s not the words that irritated me, it was the thought that you were happy that there are people who are uncomfortable going to work. You might well argue that the point of your argument was to develop a debate, if that was all, then well done. You have me debating.

FEAT 2015

FEAT, Fascinating Expedition & Adventure Talks, is an annual evening of time-limited presentations. Each presenter speaks for seven minutes; no more, no less. With images. Although the speakers are invited because of their achievements, presentation themes focus on an aspect of their expedition – not the entire extended expedition. With stories of adventures on land, water and in the air, you will be enthralled.

Created by adventure racer and writer Lisa de Speville, FEAT brings South Africa’s adventurers together. “Most people would love to embark on an expedition, but most are tied to ‘real life’ so they settle for feeding this desire with organised sporting events,” she says.

“It takes a different, special kind of courage and drive to abandon socially accepted norms (day job, family, home) to set off – often solo – on self-motivated and self-organised expeditions. Whether the adventure involves oceans, countries, continents, rivers or mountains, these achievements are extraordinary. I’ve yet to meet a person who is not captivated by tales of adventure.”

Through these Talks, FEAT celebrates the achievements of adventurers.


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Good News – Samuel Achilefu

A little while ago, we were challenged by someone on Facebook to tell good news African stories. We loved the challenge as we believe that there are so many good news stories out there and that they need to be told.

One of those stories is of Doctor Samuel Achilefu.

Achilefu has an amazing story. A young man from Nigeria who has won international awards for his groundbreaking work in cancer research.

We suggest you read this article, and this one, on his virtual reality goggles that he invented before listening to our interview with Achilefu. We spoke to him on Skype and had a great chat about his beginnings, his career and what keeps him ticking every day.


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2015 Master Your Passion

We spoke to some of the people at the 2015 Master Your Passion event held at the Centre for Culinary Excellence.
The event was a competition where young chefs were given the opportunity to be mentored by experienced people in the field and were then given a “mystery box” challenge and cook some amazing food.
It is such a good idea to have a mentoring programme to lift up other people in South Africa and we hope that this programme grows into the future.

The winner of the day won an all-expenses trip to London to experience a 5 star Michelin restaurant and another top-class venue.

In the interview, you will hear from four people with the third voice the one of the mentors of the overall winner.

To wrap it up, well done to Unilever who have a no-drink-and-drive policy. So they had lined up Goodfellas for free, to drive the guests home after the party. It is something that we here at Pint Size Towers think that every event organiser should do.


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Champagne Day

Friday, 23 October 2015, was International Champagne Day. We were invited to taste some of the finest champagnes at the amazing pool deck of the Tsogo Sun Hyde Park hotel.

We were guided through some of the tastes of France by Mauritian-born South African sommelier, Miguel Chan, Group Sommelier for Tsogo Sun.
Along with some amazing bubbly, we also enjoyed small tasty food to compliment the champagne. We made sure to have the right name. Miguel explained that only bubbles made in the Champagne region of France can be calledChampagne and we only drank Champagne.

We have to admit that we do live a tough life sometimes.

The morning moved into the afternoon and the head started spinning. It’s amazing how bubbles add class to any kind of event.

We did a “live broadcast” from the hotel’s pool deck via Spreaker. You can listen to it below.

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What did you do for Champagne Day? We are of the firm belief, here at Pint Size Media, that every day can be a Champagne Day. Why not?

Community Treasures

Community Treasures

Today we went to the Northcliff Water Tower. We stood on the hill and had a smug “Lion King” moment. I clearly heard the words “everything the light touches is yours”, now, before comments of delusions of grandeur come flooding in,  I do believe that I should be a princess (I even have a teeny tiny tiara).

Getting back to the point of the post…

Explore your community! It really can be eye-opening.

The reason we went up to the water tower is because we found out today that there used to be a trail that you could walk between the water towers in the Northcliff, Honeydew area. I also learned that there was a Leopard just behind Clearwater Mall in Honeydew a couple of years ago.

I work within the Northcliff community and I have spent a number of years within a 10km radius of a number of shopping centres. It has always bugged me that the go-to is those shopping centres. One never really explores one’s surroundings, one never really goes further than the usual hangouts.

This is a crying shame!

There are new and exciting and different things happening all the time. Recently Northcliff hosted a community market in the park on Smit Street, Pizza Del Forno on Hendrick Potgieter hosts Salsa evenings on a Friday and for those that don’t mind venturing a little further from home there is always the Maboneng Precinct and Neighbourgoods Market.

The mysterious “they” say that you should do something every day that scares you. Now for the adventurous types there is bungee jumping or skydiving but for those of us who want to do something other than going to a major chain store, a look around your community and at the smaller businesses may not change your life entirely but it certainly will give you a change of perspective.


The Haute Bag Project

On Saturday, we popped into the LISOF Haute Bag Project to find out a little more about this charity event that was held.

We spoke to some of the students who were setting up stalls to raise money for a good cause to find out how they were doing it.

If you would like to find out more, follow them on the Facebook Page or visit their website.

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Here are a few of the things that we saw….


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The Color Run Jozi

The Color Run Jozi


Color Runners country-wide have been eagerly waiting for “The Happiest 5k on the Planet” to arrive in their hometowns. Johannesburg is next on The Color Run 2015 calendar.

The Color Run is a five kilometre un-timed race in which thousands of participants, or “Color Runners”, are doused from head to toe in different colours at each kilometre.

Mark your diaries:
When: 20 September 2015
Where: Roosevelt High School, Emmarentia Dam
Time: 09H00 for 10h00

The Color Run is brighter, shinier and happier this year, with the introduction glitter powder. The event is designed to uplift and inspire runners to stand out from the crowd, sweat sparkles, and continue to live their lives in a happy and healthy way. Get ready for special shine elements at the Finish Festival. This is the year to unleash your inner sparkle!

“The Color Run is bigger and better than ever, and that’s thanks in part to the fact that South Africa’s happiest bank, Capitec Bank, has come on board as the headline sponsor,” says Leon Swanepoel, The Color Run South Africa event producer.

“And, it is about so much more than just one day, which is why we are thrilled to have a sponsor that shares The Color Run’s passion for social upliftment,” says Swanepoel.

“Capitec Bank, like The Color Run, believes in health, happiness, individuality, giving back, living life in technicolour and having fun, while caring about the community,” says Charl Nel, head of communications at Capitec Bank.

“We are so excited to get colourful with Johannesburg, and to brighten not only Color Runners, but the community too,” says Nel.

Capitec Bank and The Color Run have partnered with Adopt-a-School Foundation and are donating R10.00 from every ticket sold to support education in each city hosting The Color Run.

“We were able to raise over R40 000 for Ndukwenhle High School in Umlazi Township when The Color Run came to Durban. We’re drumming up support and awareness by taking a giant takkie on The Color Run tour – come and check it out in Joburg,” says Nel.

Color Runners will each receive a race pack with includes a 2015 edition Race T-Shirt, headband, bag of colour powder, temporary tattoos, and a race number.

Additionally, every Color Runner will receive a R200 voucher from for the purchase of The Color Run powder and merchandise, as well as a R200 voucher from Superbalist to be redeemed against a minimum spend of R250.

Charity and school fundraising is a big part of The Color Run. Register your own school or charity on the Fun Raiser programme and raise money for every ticket sold under your unique Fun Raiser code. To give back, contact The Color Run on

Tickets are available online from The Color Run website and Facebook . Individual ticket prices are R245 and R220 for groups of 4 or more. Manual entry points are listed on the website.


To Protect and Serve

To Protect and Serve

When one drives through a roadblock, it is a normal reaction to feel your heart race and to have random, worrying  thoughts running through your head: “where is my driver’s licence”, “is my car licence valid”, “have I been drinking” – even when you know you have done nothing wrong, you preempt questions you know you will invariably be asked.

Usually interactions with the Police, whether Metro or SAPS, are pleasant enough and usually the only person making you feel guilty is you.

It is not okay when the people making you feel guilty are the very people who are supposed to make you feel safe.

Nena had an unfortunate incident with the police where she was treated like a petty criminal for no apparent reason.

Last night, 17/08/2015, Nena went to the El Corro Shopping Complex on 14th Avenue in Fairland to buy Steers for her family. While waiting she stood outside to have a cigarette. Two male Fairland Police officers stopped and asked if she was okay. They then asked her to show them the contents of her bag, which she did. Nena then asked the police what they were looking for and made it clear that she was uncomfortable with the way she was being treated. The police officers then told her that she was not complying and as a result would need to take her back to the Fairland Police Station where she would be searched by a Female Police Officer (it is illegal for a Male Police Officer to physically search a Female civilian). Nena then sat at one of the Steers tables and emptied her bag of its contents and gave her, now empty, bag to the police officer. She asked their names which they would not give her. Eventually they left.

Nena shared her story on the I love Fairland and I love Northcliff Facebook pages as well as the Fairland SAPS Facebook page. Fairland SAPS has been in contact with Nena and gave her the email address for the acting station commander Captain Whitehead.


We will keep you updated with how the incident is resolved.

Hear her version of the events in a short interview that we did with her the morning after the incident.

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PODCAST Episode 26 – Monday Madness

PODCAST Episode 26 – Monday Madness

More great stories in today’s Monday Madness Podcast.

We chat Pluto and Brian May and you can find his website here.

Massimo’s in Cape Town has a right go at some racists and you can read the story on Facebook.

And do you fancy yourself as a gambler? Tsogo Sun have a way for you to win R1,000,000 for just R100 buy-in.

Tune in now!

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