The Lonehill Waterfront

Joburg residents are now spoilt for choice with 2 new restaurants, a craft beer bar and delicatessen all under one banner, officially opening at Lonehill Shopping Centre on Lonehill Boulevard on Saturday 24 October 2015.

Nestled on a picturesque lake with an extensive deck as well as indoor area, Antonnio’s Italian Kitchen promises a passion for authentic Italian food, made by hand, just like Antonnio’s mamma used to, will be available at this new venue. Their mantra is “No frill, no fuss, hearty cooking” – truly Italian made by real South Africans.

A wide variety of delicious menu items are offered, from homemade pasta to pizzas prepared in their woodburning oven to burgers and salads for the health conscious, there’s something for everyone. Children are also encouraged to “make their own pizzas”, making this an ideal venue for the whole family.

Antonnio’s Italian Kitchen is open 7 days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Let’s Brew is the ideal spot to try a variety of craft beers on tap, as well as extensive “regular” bar drinks. With its rustic décor and stunning views of the lake, it’s a great place to unwind and enjoy delectable craft beers with friends or work colleagues. These craft beers are brewed in association with BlackHorse Breweries in Magaliesburg,

For those sports fans, there are TV screens all around to enjoy the current main sporting events. There’s also a separate area with a big screen for those wanting to book bigger private parties for specific events or informal seminars with a difference.

Let’s Brew also offers a mouthwatering menu including Peppadew Chicken, Irish Ale Curry, Dop ‘n Chop and Drunken Boerie Sliders being just some of the popular items available.

Let’s Brew is open 7 days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Let’s Meat is THE best place to head to for the most succulent meal option you can find. A diverse range of steaks and burgers are their specialty but don’t rule out the scrumptious chicken and fish options, or even eisbein and homemade lamb potjie.

Meals are freshly prepared making whatever you order just melt in your mouth. The very best ingredients are used and all meals are prepared with traditional love and care.

Let’s Meat is open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner.
Let’s Deli is a one-stop shop to stock up on THE BEST quality deli and farm store-type items to take home and enjoy long after your experience at any of the restaurants is over. While you shop, watch fresh pasta being made and enjoy the aromas of fresh baked breads.

Let’s Deli offer an array of products from cheeses to baked goods to freshly cut meats, pasta and even a Banting section for those opting for a healthier lifestyle. It’s also interesting to realize that all these items are then used within the three restaurants on site, making this rather a unique experience for all who visit.

Let’s Deli is open from 8 am – 7 pm Monday to Friday, 8 am – 4 pm Saturdays and Sundays.

Parents with young children will be delighted to know that there’s an extensive Children’s Play Area available for all patrons visiting these various venues. Child minders will watch over your children while you have the chance to unwind and “chill” while hearing your children’s laughter either on the bridge, climbing inside the castle, playing in the sandpit or riding the bicycles provided around the cycle road track.

The area has already become charmingly known as “Lonehill Waterfront” by guests who have been part of the “dry run” before official opening to iron out teething problems – a name owner Charl Potgieter is happy to encourage, as part of the reason for taking on this enormous venture was his dream to establish a mini Waterfront in this beautiful spot in Lonehill.

Says co-owner Charl Potgieter: “How exciting it is to bring these brands to Lonehill. This is a passion not a job for us, we get up in the morning to make sure the guests have the best food, best service and an all round fantastic experience”.

He continues; “It was my vision to establish a great restaurant and entertainment area where you could shop for farm-style meat and ingredients at the Deli, where the kids can play in a fun, safe and exciting environment while the parents can have a light meal or a big meal while looking at a beautiful view – not over a parking lot or in a mall. You can find any kind of meal here with Let’s Meat offering a different menu option as well.”

He concludes; “I wanted to create something tranquil in the heart of the hustle and bustle of the Northern Suburbs. We have a beautiful view. Now to start welcoming the Jozi patrons!”

Saturday 24 October marks official launch day, and then all the venues are open for business!

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Johannesburg Bier Fest 2015

On Friday, we were invited to the opening day of the Joburg Tops at Spar Bier Fest. (To get onto the site, you need to be over 18 years old.)

It was loud and a big party and there was enough beer to go around, and then some. But let’s start at the beginning.

Our table was at the centre of a huge hall, decorated in true Bavarian style. There were “Fraulines” whose job it was to get the beers and foods for us as we needed. Not all tables at the BierFest are the same. Some have no Frauline while other have no service at all and you need to make your way to a bar to order drinks.

We have since been informed that ALL tables have a Frauline to serve drinks and all the beers are specially made for the BierFest, which is amazing!!!!
It’s only the food that you can choose to fetch at a cool kitchen area.
See the comment from the Bierfest at the bottom of this post.

You can read all about the different packages here.

There were four different types of beers on tap and we enjoyed the Bavarian Ale that seemed to have been specially made for the event. It was refreshing and light and well worth trying. Others at our table enjoyed the Weissbier and they got stuck into that quite a lot.

At our tables were fun costumes to wear to get into the spirit of the event. Again, not all tables had that on offer and one would have to pay to get the kit at a separate area.

All payments are made with “crowns”. Small tokens of differing values. You buy the crowns from people that walk around the hall, so there is no waiting, which is a big plus.

As the night progressed, the music got louder and louder and it became uncomfortable to enjoy oneself in the hall. I think that the music should be there, but not overpowering. One wants to sing along, but not be bombarded by noise. So we made our way outside which was much more comfortable and it seemed that that is where most of the people at the fest landed up.

Is it worth going? FOR SURE!
Take some mates, get into the spirit and have a great time.

Premier Classe Train to Cape Town

Last week we went on the train trip of a lifetime.

PRASA, the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa, invited us to experience a trip on the Premier Classe train from Johannesburg to Cape Town and back. It was part of an education session and a few other bloggers and personalities were also invited on the trip.

On arrival at Park Station in the centre of Johannesburg, we were pleasantly surprised. It was clean, organised and we felt very safe, but there was one big issue at the station. To simply go into and out of the drop off passengers costs R10. No half-hour free or anything. R10 to simply drive in, drop off passengers and then drive away again. This needs to be changed.

After a little walking around, we found a security guard who directed is to a porter who wanted to charge us R50 to move our bags about 100 metres. Another rip-off. Carry your own bags, it is not that far a walk.

After those couple of issues, we found the Premier Classe lounge. Tea and cake, cheese and biscuits and a warm welcome were on had. We were given our boarding tickets and our bags were whisked away to be found in the compartment when we boarded. The train manager introduced himself, explained the boarding procedure and we were shown to the train.

The “room” on the train is small, but not claustrophobic with two large windows allowing you to take in the vistas of the amazing South African scenery. The double room has  two benches which fold down to form beds at night while the single room has only one bench with a working table. The larger four-berth has bunk beds to house children.

Once on board and moving west, we went to the dining car and were introduced to the staff on the train. Everyone from the security guards to the train manager were there and we were talked through the dining times, the menus as well as what the timing of the trip would be.

After a long drink in the lounge car, we dressed up and made our way back to the dining car for the five-course set menu dinner. Soup to start, roast lamb, chocolate mousse, cheese and biscuits and coffee. Okay, maybe that’s four courses, but it was amazing. One thing to note that if you are a vegetarian or have special mal options, call ahead when you book as it was a bit of a challenge for the chef to sort out the small changes.

When returning to the room, the beds had been made with a duvet and sheet, the toweling gowns and slippers were laid out and a quick shower before sleeping was called for. The toilets and showers are at the end of each railway car. The shower was hot and clean and the toilets were well looked after. Our nearest had a small leak, but there was another just across the walkway.

After a good night’s rest, breakfast was served with juice, eggs, bacon and toast. Only one type of juice, though, and we were ready for the rest of the journey. At 26 hours, the trip is long, but it gives you a time to unwind and see parts of South Africa that you might only have seen at 120km/h on the N1 highway.

Lunch was served as the train snaked through the Hex River Valley and soon Table Mountain appeared. A slow roll into Cape Town station and we were ready to explore the Mother City.

Would we go on the train again? For sure! Is it something that we would do every month? No. It’s a rare luxury that needs to be tried. The price is great value, the time is worth it and the service is excellent.


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Burn the Floor

We spoke with the director and a few of the dancers before the opening night of Burn the Floor at the Joburg Theatre.

Hear what it takes to put on the show and the effort that goes into it.

Burn the Floor has the reputation of being the “world’s toughest dance show” and the dancers are handpicked to embrace a new Latin American feel. The producers are delighted to have a South African performing on the world tour.

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The Haute Bag Project

On Saturday, we popped into the LISOF Haute Bag Project to find out a little more about this charity event that was held.

We spoke to some of the students who were setting up stalls to raise money for a good cause to find out how they were doing it.

If you would like to find out more, follow them on the Facebook Page or visit their website.

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Here are a few of the things that we saw….


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KWV Cruxland Gin

In a post last month, we shared a post about KWV and its own super-premium London dry boutique gin, hand crafted for a ‘new world’ gin drinking experience. Cruxland is made from the highest quality 100% grape spirits infused with nine exotic signature botanicals, including rare Kalahari N’abbas (truffles).

Produced by KWV, the product development process has taken almost three years. “We wanted to create a special gin with botanicals typical to South Africa and knew we needed a special ingredient to complement the flavours of the other botanicals,” says Master Distiller, Pieter de Bod.

We caught up with Anneke Mackensie, the marketing manager of spirits at KWV to find out more about the drink.

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