Hangout With Heather – Jeanique releases single ‘RubixCube’ and Miss SA pageant showcases a new look

This week Heather chats exclusively one on one with talented young singer Jeanique, who has just released a brand new single, which she created in collaboration with the local crooner, Daniel Baron. It’s called ‘RubixCube’ and Jeanique shares more about the song, its inspiration and its message.

Heather also shares more about the brand new look and feel for the Miss South Africa pageant, as the organisers are the first in the world to announce how they will be running their pageant this year, and the call to entries is also officially open.

If you are craving something different to eat during the lockdown, then you will want to find out more about the delicious hampers that Chef Luke Dale Roberts is delivering (perfect for a special occasion or a treat) and two new wines are waiting for you after lockdown, the teams at Survivor Wines and Tokara have been hard at work blending new Chardonnay’s to whet your proverbial whistle.

Spotify has just launched a new fun campaign called Listening Together, that aims to encourage people to connect and see who else is listening to the exact same song as them on the app at the same time – very unique and engaging.

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