Hangout With Heather – Bee Gee’s, Oh Rocky! and a great give away too…

It may be a rainy day, but Heather has all you best entertainment and lifestyle to do’s (indoors) lined up for you this week, as well as two exclusive interviews, with Brad and Janet from The Rocky Horror Show and with Zac Coombs from The Bee Gee’s : Night Fever show!

Of course, The Rocky Horror Show is not to be missed, and Heather shares more about her experience watching the show this week, as well as chatting with Didi Khunou and Anthony Downing who play Brad and Janet in the show.

Opening this weekend is Marvel Universe LIVE! At Time Square which you (and the kids) will not want to miss – all your favourite characters in a high octane action show set to thrill young and old!

Heather chats with Zac Coombs from the Bee Gee’s show which also opens this evening to find out more about this international production and what to expect, and she also has 5 sets of double tickets valued at R 500 each to give away to see the show, so make sure you enter to win!

And of course, there is more – from the Kings and Queens of Comedy show in Durban to as well as the musical tribute Simon and Garfunkel ‘Here’s To You’.

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