Our First Winner!

Week two and we are flying, thanks again for your support.
We did our first outside broadcast from Hilton in KZN, we gave away our first prize and we celebrated Fathers’ Day.

Congrats to Mariet Pretorius for winning the R300 voucher to MV Cafe, we hope you enjoy your meal or drinks there. Please share pictures with us, we would love to see the party. Also thanks to MV Cafe for the prize!

Here are the five questions from the week:

1: There are three animals on the top of the MV Cafe website, what are they?

Cow, Chicken & Pig

2: What is the name of the park, according to City Parks, of the park between Maria Street and Cecelia street on Kessel and Johannes? Scout hall Park

Fairland Gauteng Park

3: Name one of the schools that are on Cornelius Street.

So many!

4: The little river that runs through Fairland heads north, via Hartbeespoort dam and eventually flows into which ocean? Klein-Jukskei River

Indian Ocean

5: What is the website address for Fairland Radio?


Please tell your friends about us and let’s get the neighbourhood talking.



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