Day One with a Glitch or Two

What would the first day of anything be without a little technical error? I put my hand up and admit I did it. The software we use here at the station has two buttons really close to each other. One is to record, the other is to send the live broadcast. I pushed the wrong one.

Lesson learnt.

Thank you for tuning in today one and hopefully, you will do so often. Please tell your friends about the show and the channel.

We are also looking for sponsors and advertisers so if you wish to get involved with the station, please drop me a mail,

And remember, this is your station too, so please give us all the feedback you can. The more we can do for you, the better.

And the picture to this post? We did play some Metallica this morning, and not a quiet one either. Not many stations will have the balls to do that and also play an Iggy Pop song! Challenge accepted and done. What next?

Onwards and upwards and I look forward to hearing from you.


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