Counting down the hours

Final touches are being made to the playlist, interviews are being edited and the last reverb is echoing on the station IDs. Welcome to the final hours ahead of the launch of a brand new radio station.

3 months of planning, 2 months of testing and tweaking and a month hitting the virtual pavements and Fairland Radio will launch on Monday with Jon Gericke taking the hot seat and bringing you three hours of music, chats and information you can actually use.

Traffic will be local, the weather you need and news you can use, are the order of the day.

But this station will be nothing without you. We need your input.

Please find us on Facebook, Twitter and via WhatsApp on 082 891 1657.
It’s a true first for South African radio and we want to make the station what you want to hear. so get typing, sharing and dialling now.

We hope to hear from you at 6 am on Monday morning.

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